Your dog was operated on? Check what to feed him!

Your dog was operated on? Check what to feed him!

Operation under anesthesia is a procedure that puts a strain on the dog’s body. Domestic quadrupeds, just like people, need a lot of rest after each operation and need to undergo convalescence to fully recover. In many cases, the operated animal will not only need rehabilitation, dressing changes or frequent checks. He should also receive special, easily digestible food that will help him regain strength faster and will not irritate the anesthetic digestive system. What is the best way to feed a dog after surgery so that it regains health faster?

Feeding the dog after surgery

Each dog reacts differently to anesthetics. However, the vast majority of dogs after waking up do not have the slightest desire to eat. Not only that – narcosis in dogs often causes vomiting and diarrhea, which can lead to rapid dehydration. In addition, aversion to food causes a lack of needed nutrients and prevents rapid recovery after surgery. Therefore, it is important that the food given to the dog after the surgery was as tasty and nutritious as possible. How to do it?

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Bet on wet food

Dogs tired after surgery are more likely to decide to eat an aromatic can than dry food. Especially for quadrupeds, which get only dry granules every day, such a moist meal will be a real delicacy. However, serving wet food to the operated dog is not only meant to encourage him to eat. It’s also a great way to hydrate your body or smuggle liquid or tablet medication that your dog doesn’t like to take.

Provide the necessary nutrients

Quadruped body regenerating after surgery needs a large dose of building material and energy. Therefore, feed given to your dog during recovery should contain more protein and fat than normal dog diets. It must also be easily digestible so that the ingredients supplied to the animal are absorbed as well as possible. One of the foods created for convalescent dogs is wet dog food Dolina Noteci Premium Perfect Care Recovery. The special formula based on energy pork has been enriched with tasty chicken soup, chicken livers and eggs, which are a real vitamin bomb. The addition of salmon oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids helps reduce inflammation in the dog’s body and accelerates wound healing. This food will also work in the nutrition of dogs devastated by prolonged fasting associated with current homelessness or suffering from food deficiencies caused by previous, low-quality diet.

Take care of your bowel health

Each operation involves giving the dog antibiotics to protect the animal against infection in the wound. Unfortunately, this is reflected negatively on the intestinal microflora. This can cause various gastrointestinal disorders and also reduce immunity. Therefore, the dog’s guardian should provide his pup with high-digestible food, which will also take care of his intestinal health and strengthen the body’s immune responses. For this purpose, wet food will work best Dolina Noteci Premium Perfect Care Intestinal. It has been enriched with prebiotics and beta-glucans derived from brewer’s yeast, which support immunological processes and ensure the development of proper quadruped intestinal microflora. This food can also be used in dogs with a sensitive digestive system and prone to diarrhea.

dog after surgery
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When the dog after the operation refuses to eat …

On the day after surgery, most pets will refuse meals. However, if the reluctance to eat lasts longer than 24 hours, we should go with the pet to the vet for control. It is possible that your dog is suffering from severe pain that effectively discourages him from eating and additional medication may be needed. It is also worth checking whether the postoperative collar of the dog is used for feeding. If the pooch feels uncomfortable in him that he refuses to eat, you can remove this protection during feeding. Of course, provided that the pet will then be under our supervision.

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