Your dog eats stones? We know how to unlearn it!

Your dog eats stones? We know how to unlearn it!

Of all the things a dog can put in its mouth, stones are one of the most dangerous. Not only can they seriously damage his teeth, but also get stuck in the intestines of your pet. Why does the dog eat stones and how can we unlearn it?

Why is the dog eating stones?

Eating stones can have many causes. These include drinking syndrome, a condition that affects dogs of all ages. Its most common causes are health disorders, such as indigestion, inflammation of the intestines or neurological diseases, and mental problems – depression, frustration, stress and anxiety. Young poochs may also chew on various, inedible items while teething or out of ordinary pupish curiosity. Carrying stones in the mouth is also often due to the lack of sufficient mental stimulation, boredom and lack of access to toys appropriate for the dog. Some dogs may also treat this behavior as a desire to attract the attention of the handler, if he does not spend too much time on them.

Is eating and biting stones dangerous for dogs?

Stones are not a suitable toy for pets! Frequent wearing them in the mouth and biting them can damage dogs’ teeth and cause serious dental diseases. A particular danger is associated with the ingestion of a stone by a dog. A pebble that enters the pet’s digestive tract can remain in it for a long time, even leading to necrosis of the stomach or intestines. A hard object can also completely block a dog’s intestines and lead to rupture, which could result in the death of the quadruped. Therefore, if we notice that our pet is prone to such behavior, we should react immediately! Dogs are also not allowed to throw stones during a walk – it will encourage our pupil to play with stones, which can be the cause of a real tragedy.

How to react when a dog eats stones?

It is worth teaching every four-legged friend the command „leave” and exchange toys with him for tasty delicacies. We can also use this command when our pet tries to carry stones in its mouth. For dogs who are interested in stones on walks, it is worth offering a safer alternative – playing with a jerk or carrying their favorite stuffed animal in their mouths.

If our quadruped is often in the garden where he has access to stones and likes to nibble them, we should provide him with interesting, joint activity. Even a short repetition of basic commands or a game of looking for delicacies in the grass can be a great remedy for dog boredom! If our dog has a tendency to eat inedible items, we should take him to the vet as soon as possible and perform basic tests to rule out the health problems often associated with drinking syndrome.

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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