working dog. Meet the 5 most popular sheepdogs

working dog. Meet the 5 most popular sheepdogs

Everyone knows what a German shepherd looks like. However, there are many types of shepherd dogs. Many years ago I took in a Polish lowland sheepdog. PON can graze sheep, cows and even geese. When an unruly animal moves away from the herd, such a dog immediately kicks him back. Our Alf opened all doors, even those with a ball-shaped handle, and on a family walk he ran around, making sure that the whole herd was included.

Many years later I adopted two Central Asian Shepherd dogs under my roof that belonged to the group of guarding shepherds. Their original purpose is to protect the herd against wild animals. They are alert dogs, often approaching strangers from a distance, usually quite independent. Ofra and Oriana bitches were to be guardians of the new home. Initially, they lounged on soft beds and spent some time in the garden. One evening they both refused to go home for the night. From then on, they slept during the day, and at night made their own garden rounds and guarded the house. The instinct of guarding, herding, but also the willingness to work with shepherds make them fulfill many useful roles today.

Unpolished diamond

The most popular breed in Poland is a versatile German Shepherd dog called a ten-broom among dogs. Not only did he prove himself in film roles as Sharik or Civil, he is also a great lifeguard or drug detector. German shepherds are known that can search for corpses, even in mines, or such as Zoe and Lin, which in Afghanistan detected explosives, and after the war were trained to recognize prostate cancer by the smell of urine. However, the one who thinks that he will have such a wise at home is wrong.

The German Shepherd is a diamond in the rough – it requires a lot of work in raising it. This rule applies to every sheepdog, because everyone is intelligent, but man must organize his occupation. Collie is called a hardworking elegant, Dutch sheepdog is said to be a versatile workaholic, Belgian tervueren – beautiful and hardworking. Koolie is an endlessly devoted workaholic, and the Hungarian shepherd mudi is a calm workaholic, ready for action. There is also a worker from the Costa Brava, i.e. a Catalan shepherd, defender and sportsman – Belgian Shepherd Malinois or Australian Shepherd – shepherd, lifeguard and sportsman, as well as a Polish Tatra Sheepdog, appreciated in the United States, where he is an ostrich shepherd. The head hurts from this diversity of shepherds. Before you decide on any of them, remember that a dog hungry for work with lazy will not be happy.

1. Tatra Sheepdog

The white bear immortalized in the souvenir photos from the mountains is a typical shepherd dog. The most highlanders can be found in … Podhale, where highlanders have always used them to guard sheep. They have also become nice companion dogs, but you have to remember that from the innocent-looking white ball grows a beautiful, but large and strong animal ready to bravely defend the family. He has a big heart and is extremely protective of children, he also expects a lot of affection and demands caresses. This dog is balanced and calm before barking, he warns. It is better for him to live in a house with a garden, where he will be able to demonstrate his outstanding guarding skills. White hair has self-cleaning properties, but you need to care for it regularly.

  • Size: large dog, 60-70 cm long
  • Ointment: White
  • Length of life: 12-16 years
  • Maintenance costs: 250-350 PLN per month
  • Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: PLN 1,500-4,000
  • Country of origin: Poland

2. Scottish long-haired shepherd dog

„Lassie, come back!” contributed to the popularization of the shepherd dog colloquially called. This dog is not only beautiful, but also extremely intelligent. He catches what is expected of him, and he has an excellent memory. He is of a nice disposition, devoted to his family. Calm and sensitive, he feels uncomfortable at home. Moderately active, but like any shepherd she doesn’t like boredom. He must be provided with longer walks and some additional occupation, e.g. agility can be practiced with him. In general, he is brave and alert, at the same time restrained against strangers, so he will work as a guardian. During World War I, collies were used as rescue and reporting dogs. They also work well as blind guides, assistants of the disabled and in dog therapy.

Long-haired Scottish Shepherd Dog
photo: Shutterstock
  • Size: medium dog, 51-61 cm long
  • Ointment: three-colored, blue, marbled
  • Length of life: 12-14 years
  • Maintenance costs: PLN 150-200 per month
  • Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: 2000-2500 PLN
  • Country of origin: Great Britain

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3. Long-haired German Shepherd Dog

The long-haired German Shepherd variety, recognized by FCI in 2011, is gaining more and more lovers. This is a dog for an active person who devotes a lot of time to the pet. Thanks to this, he will gain a friendly and obedient companion of the whole family, who will always be ready to defend her. Alsatian is cheerful, spontaneous, loves walking, running and playing. He is distinguished by outstanding intelligence and the ability to track. It is used to search for people under debris or detect drugs. He learns easily, but needs clearly defined rules. Faithful and devoted, he becomes very attached to his guardian. Distrustful of strangers is a great, though quite noisy watchman. Only suitable for a balanced person with basic knowledge of dogs and an athlete’s fishing line.

German Shepherd
photo: Shutterstock
  • Size: large dog, 55-65 cm long
  • Ointment: black, black and tan, elongated
  • Length of life: 11-13 years
  • Maintenance costs: 250-350 PLN per month
  • Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: 2000-3500 PLN
  • Country of origin: Germany

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4. Welsh corgi pembroke

A small sheepdog with short paws, strong and compact at the same time, once used for herding cattle and sheep and for geese. From the 1960s, corgi were favorites of Queen Elizabeth II, hence their popularity as family dogs. They are energetic, cheerful and friendly towards all animals. Corgi likes children very much, he is gentle with them. His upbringing is not difficult – he is an intelligent dog, with great memory. It is necessary to be firm – because corgi, although small, sometimes wants to get their way – but always combined with gentleness. He is very barking, and at the same time brave and non-aggressive – will work as a guard dog. Active, smart and durable, he can practice agility, obedience and even dog trekking, because he runs fast.

  • Size: small dog, 25-30 cm
  • Ointment: red, tan-black, black and tan
  • Length of life: 12-15 years
  • Maintenance costs: approx. PLN 150 per month
  • Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: 2500-3000 PLN
  • Country of origin: Great Britain

5. Belgian shepherd malinois

He used to be a shepherd dog, now he works well as a defender, watchman or tracker. Intelligent and susceptible to training is used in the police, army, border guards. As a family dog, the raspberry is created for people who like challenges. Focused on cooperation with people, he constantly awaits tasks to be performed. He works with dedication in constant visual contact with the guide. He has inexhaustible energy from the second month to the end of his life. During upbringing, firmness and a nice approach to the dog are indicated. He is cordial, attached to his family, with a natural instinct for childcare. However, due to the spontaneity and resolute nature, he is not recommended as a play companion. This dog is hardy and hardy; tolerates bad weather.

Belgian shepherd malinois
photo: Shutterstock
  • Size: large dog, 58-62 cm long
  • Ointment: fawn with black coating
  • Length of life: 12-15 years
  • Maintenance costs: 250-350 PLN per month
  • Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: 1500-3000 PLN
  • Country of origin: Belgium

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Author: Paulina Król


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