Why doesn’t the dog want to sleep on his bed?

Why doesn't the dog want to sleep on his bed?

Currently, the choice of bedding can make you dizzy. Ultimately, we decided on the only one, we are happy to go home, and our pet … despises him! Why doesn’t the dog want to sleep on his bed? There can be many reasons. Here are some of the most common.

If the dog does not want to sleep on his bed …

My dog ​​does not want to sleep on his bed, although it is soft and cozy. The puppy chooses random places to sleep, and when he even gets to his bed, instead of lying on it, he starts to bite them. Instead, he pushes himself on the sofa when we sit on it.

Puppies’ behaviors often result from curiosity, willingness to explore the world, tendency to imitate other members of the ‚herd’ and the need for close contact with them. Let’s not panic, observing pet behavior not very favorable from our point of view – many of them, if we ignore them, will disappear over time.

The puppy does not care about his comfort as much as older dogs – tired, he falls asleep immediately, wherever and in any position. He does not go to his bed, because he may not know the way to him, not remember at all that such a thing exists. When he sees people sitting on the couch, he tries to get to them out of a desire to imitate and be in a group, not to dominate his family. Let’s give him time to grow out of the puppy’s curiosity about the world, let’s get him used to sleeping on the bed, but do not expect immediate results.

Let’s block access to the couch, but instead let us sit on the floor for a while, so that the pooch has us to reach out when he needs it. At night, let him fall asleep near us. If he sneezes and feels lonely, and we don’t want to get him used to sleep in bed, let’s move to the floor for a few nights, near his lair.

beagle is sleeping on the couch
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If he finally chooses something else …

My bitch does not want to sleep on her bed, just lounging on the couch. Her lair is a plastic litter box with a rolled blanket, she also has several toys there. Sometimes he goes to his place, but instead of lying down, he changes his mind.

The dog does not want to sleep on his bed unless it seems comfortable. That is why it is worth making sure that the dog’s bed is comfortable and placed in a calm place, which is also a good observation point. The dog values ​​comfort. If the bed is too hard, too small, dirty, wet, contains toys, bone debris or sticks, then you may not want to use it.

If he sleeps where he falls …

My Bars is not sleeping on his bed, but is arranged in the corridor, where he disturbs.

Owners often complain that the dog does not want to sleep on its bed and lies where it falls, and when asked where they put the lair, they say that at the other end of the house. Meanwhile, the dog would like to be with his „herd”, which is why he chooses naps for places where family life goes on. Sleeping in the corridor after one of the household members leaves may additionally indicate a separation problem – the dog misses and stays where he saw the guardian for the last time.

In this situation, it is worth doing two things. First of all, in the kitchen or living room area – i.e. where the family most often meets – prepare an additional bed for the dog, providing him with a minimum of comfort. Secondly, in the hallway where the pet used to lie down, put something on for a while to discourage him from lying down – a shoe cabinet, umbrella stand – or put a doormat with plastic needles. It will also be useful to learn how to be alone.

beagle lies in the den
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If the den is sacred …

My dachshund Larry growls when someone passes his bed.

Some dogs treat their lair as something valuable, for which they have unlimited property rights. They also usually obey and bypass their kin who is lying or sleeping. Young dogs, 7-18 months old and older, for whom physical comfort begins to play a key role, are particularly sensitive. In order not to cause them stress related to guarding their lair, you should:

  • Do not disturb lying or sleeping dog
  • put the lair in a quiet place, away from passages and doors,
  • do not chase the dog off the couch or armchair; if we do not want it to enter furniture, we should prevent it from accessing it,
  • buy an opaque cage to make the dog feel safe in it.

If the dog is awake …

During the exhibition, training, competition or when we are leaving family for the weekend, my dog ​​cannot lie down beside me and fall asleep, but stays awake constantly.

We often overstate the possibilities of our dogs. Would any of us fall asleep during an exciting meeting, even if it lasted all day? When we are in training, the pooch is excited and eagerly awaits the next session. In addition, he may feel insecure in new surroundings, among strangers and dogs.

That is why you need to create conditions for him to rest – in a car or a hotel room – and during breaks with his quadrupeds walk him there for at least an hour. Another good option is to buy a folding exhibition tent or cage and let your dog sleep in them. But then you have to make sure that other dogs do not interrupt our rest.

the dog is sleeping by the wall
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If the dog sleeps against the wall …

My dog ​​is sleeping on his back and paws dirty on the wall.

For daytime naps, dogs often look for places near the walls, where they lie on their backs and rest their paws on them. Taking this position means that the dog feels safe and that he is hot. In this way, he can also sleep in his bed – then the wall next to him gets dirty quickly. Instead of fighting this behavior, it is better … to protect it with additional protective material, such as plexiglass, cork wallpaper or a decorative wooden panel. You can also paint this fragment with washable paint or buy a bed with a raised edge.

Author: Krzysztof Nawrocki


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