Why does the dog want to sleep in bed? We know 6 reasons!

    Why does the dog want to sleep in bed? We know 6 reasons!

    First, you dig the entire internet in search of the perfect dog bed. You ask other dogs in groups what their dogs liked. You browse photos and you find something extra, which turns out to be available only in the States. You write on a piece of paper, which is the most important thing in an ideal lair – so that it is washable, it can be machine washed, and convenient for the dog, also in terms of orthopedic. And it would be nice, delight the guests and match the decor. You pay heavy money for a miracle that you eventually track down. You show them to your dog like a trophy, which you have obtained especially for him. And what? And nothing! The dog sniffs them twice, and then … lies on your bedding. Why does the dog want to sleep in bed? Why doesn’t he choose the most comfortable lair in the world? Let’s check it!

    1. Feels lonely

    In two words you could say that the dog wants to sleep in bed, because it needs closeness (malicious people will add that labradors also need closeness). As a herd animal, the dog wants to feel a bond with its herd members – also physically. Disconnected from his people, he just feels lonely.

    If we do not want to sleep with the dog in bed – and the dog is not used to it – let’s provide him a place near our bed, preferably in the bedroom. He will feel safe.

    2. He is cold

    Yes, this may seem strange – after all, the lair is in the same apartment (and usually the room) as our bed! Can the dog really be cold in a room where – even in winter – the temperature is above 20 degrees C !? And yet – maybe. Just remember how you can wrap yourself around with a blanket when you watch TV series on fall nights. This feeling of coolness is subjective, but it does occur during colder periods of the year.

    A bed with a heater like us is a tempting proposition. In addition, the bed also offers cozy duvets, which can be entered and warmed up. What more could you want? The dog bed does not heat specially – there the dog only has the warmth of his body. Why „freeze” alone when you can warm up in the legs of a loved one?

    3. Loves this fragrance

    Why does the dog want to sleep in bed? Well, he loves the smell of bedding … It’s like in a bank that as soon as you change your bedding to a fresh one, the dog will lie down on it immediately. It’s easy to understand, because who doesn’t like this smell? In this respect, dogs are no different from people. In addition, dogs like our bed because it is … ours. It’s just like food from someone else’s bowl, from which – even the same – always tastes better. And there is nothing to hide that the bed of your beloved guardian smells just like it, so at least for that reason it is very attractive.

    Some time ago I was looking after a bitch at her home. The owners left, she only stayed with me – she knew me a little earlier, but not so much as to trust me from the first moments. For the first two nights the bitch slept on the bed of her owners – she missed them, so she chose the place that smelled them the most. It wasn’t until the third night that she convinced me and changed the room (and bed) to the one I slept in.

    Pug in bed
    photo: Shutterstock

    4. I need space

    Contrary to appearances, the dog also likes to stretch when it sleeps. Manufacturers of lairs do not seem to know this and often produce such beds in which the dog can sleep only curled up. Another thing is that in our apartments there is not always room for a large dog bed …

    That is why dogs, in search of sleeping comfort, wander into our spacious beds. The 180 x 200 cm mattress gives the dog a lot of possibilities to lie across, at an angle or with his paws up … And that there are some people along the way who walk on their heads? Well, nobody said that everyone would be comfortable!

    5. Looking for comfort

    Dog beds are often made of easily washable materials. Yes, practical, but not entirely comfortable. For example, kodura, a popular cover for dog beds, does not absorb water and dirt, but is slippery and cold. And our soft, fragrant washing liquid bedding? Ah, this is just luxury! Nothing but cuddle up in your pillow and fall asleep …

    Dogs have a somewhat selfish approach to the world and when they find a place where they feel good, they won’t give it back without a fight.

    6. He loves you

    Why else does the dog want to sleep in bed? The answer is simple – he loves you! Always and everywhere I want to be close. Also at night, which lasts so long, it is so dark and so terrible … There is nothing better than to cuddle into your beloved friend, who you are for a dog.

    Anyway, we humans also like to hug someone with whom we feel good and safe. Dogs are not much different from us in this respect!

    Author: Aleksandra Więcławska


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