Why does a dog fall to the ground seeing another dog?

Why does a dog fall to the ground seeing another dog?

Understanding dog behavior should be a fundamental matter for any guardian, even the basis for control, before the dog reaches his home. This would limit many unclear and conflict situations in which guardians often cause problematic behavior for pets. Such situations include that the dog falls to the ground at the sight of another dog.

Why does the dog fall to the ground at the sight of another dog?

Dogs react differently to the various things they encounter during walks. While a sudden burst of firecrackers can frighten them, the sight of a runaway cat – excite and encourage chasing. However, all these behaviors are usually reactions to something that has happened in the environment. In the case of contact with a second dog, our quadruped has a chance to communicate with the essence of the same species, which – at least in theory – mastered similar body language. What’s more, usually a representative of his species our dog meets much less often than, for example, another man who passes at virtually every step, especially in the city.

Socialization matters

Dogs are a social species. This means that if after birth they live in an environment where there are other quadrupeds, they are able to learn certain norms prevailing between representatives of the species. Importantly, however, they are not born with the knowledge of these norms, just like a man is not born with the knowledge of social norms. In most cases, the puppies are first with the mother who is responsible for this teaching, and then with the man. And that’s why the role of man in the socialization of a dog is so important – he is responsible for whether the dog knows the label of his species or not.

Play with me!

Let’s get back to the very behavior. The dog usually falls on the ground with the front paws at the sight of another dog, with the rear part of the body raised and wagging the tail. It is simply an invitation to play. Some dogs, especially young ones, can do so even several times a day in relation to completely foreign dogs. Of course, not every dog ​​will be willing to play. Some quadrupeds will respond to the invitation with joy, others may simply be indifferent. For others, especially fearful, too active a party invitation can be considered intrusive. However, if our dog is well socialized, he will certainly read the behavior of another quadruped and either start playing or give him peace, ending the meeting with sniffing.

It sometimes happens, especially in young dogs, that the dog lies completely on the ground and watches another dog, putting its ears back. In this situation, usually after the approach of another quadruped, he turns his belly up – this is a sign of submission for a change. A balanced dog in this situation will not hurt the other quadruped, but in the case of foreign dogs should be careful.

Remember about moderation

Dogs, especially young or unlearned manners, often want to play or even greet with each dog that stands in their path during adolescence. For various reasons, this is not a good solution. Not every dog ​​wants to say hello or can do it, for example because of his health. Sometimes the walk is also connected with the movement from point A to point B and we don’t have time for continuous stopping. Instead of struggling with the dog, try to teach him a peaceful passing from the beginning. Use the flavors and teach the dog a command that means you have to pass the dog without saying hello. It will definitely save you a lot of nerves.

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