Why do dogs sigh? We explain what they mean when they do it!

    Why do dogs sigh? We explain what they mean when they do it!

    Many dog ​​behaviorists wonder why dogs sigh. There is no definitive answer to this question. Most experts, however, agree that by sighing your pet is trying to express his emotions. In a sense, sighing can be compared to the dot that ends the animal’s unspoken sentence. The key to correctly interpreting a dog’s sigh is undoubtedly the quadruped’s body language, as well as a look at the wider context of the whole situation.

    „I’m so relaxed”

    Professor of psychology Stanley Coren in his book „Understanding Your Dog for Dummies” explains that the dog’s sigh:

    is a simple emotional signal ending a certain activity. If it was satisfactory, a sigh means satisfaction.

    Pat Engels, a dog trainer, agrees with the above statement:

    My own unscientific observation is that dogs usually sigh during rest. These sighs seem to mean a transition to a deeper state of relaxation.

    So if your dog sighs after playing or having a pleasant walk, it means that he is happy, happy and relaxed. In addition to sighing, you will also notice that the pet is resting with his eyes half-closed and his body is clearly relaxed.

    „Okay, I give up”

    If your dog expected something from you – food or attention – and did not receive anything, then such sighing is a sign of resignation or disappointment. In contrast to the sigh that indicates relaxation, in this case the dog has wide eyes. First he lies down, then sits down and carefully observes his guardian. Hopes you change your mind!

    „Auć, something hurts”

    Deep sighs may indicate a health problem. Frequent sighing, accompanied by other sounds, such as moaning, is usually caused by pain. What you think is a sigh can actually be a wheezing breath and a symptom of respiratory disease. If you have additionally observed changes in your pet’s behavior – a lack of desire to play, refusing food or general apathy – immediately consult a veterinarian.

    As you already know, dogs sigh for a variety of reasons. Usually, however, the sigh of a quadruped means that he is simply calm and relaxed. Then you have nothing to worry about!

    Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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