Why are chihuahuas perpetually furious? Check what they mean!

Why are chihuahuas perpetually furious? Check what they mean!

If you ask a few random people what they think about a Chihuahua, some of them will have negative associations. „Chihuahuas are mean!”, „They bite, they bark and they are just awful!” Unfortunately, the bad reputation of these little dogs didn’t come out of nowhere. However, it is not about the specific character of this breed …

How do chihuahuas see the world?

Pouch-sized dogs bred for companionship are tiny … and unfortunately they know it very well. From their point of view, everything is huge, which is usually terrible. Frightened by an outstretched hand, another dog or an oncoming bike, the pooch has two options – to defend himself or to run away. Chihuahuas usually choose the first option for a simple reason. A runaway doggie with the appearance of a squirrel or a small cat can activate the hunting instinct in the other dog. For a small pooch, such a situation may end tragically. Therefore, a very large part of the miniatures react to any threat with furious teeth snapping and barking.

It won’t do anything …

Unfortunately, many owners of such dogs ignore the behavior of their pets, knowing that the miniature will not hurt anyone much. However, they forget that even the smallest pooch is able to be afraid and feel various emotions! After all, a dog that stresses out everyone around him every day does not live a happy life. Focusing only on your own comfort and commenting on the aggressive outbursts of miniatures with a short „it won’t do anything” will not make your quadruped feel better. And yet you can help him …

Not all chihuahuas are like this!

Mean chihuahuas are one of the most repeated myths about dog breeds. It cannot be denied that a dog’s behavior is influenced to some extent by genes. That is why it is extremely important to choose the breeding from which we buy a pet – a responsible breeder pays attention not only to the appearance, but also to the character of the dog and will not breed aggressive dogs together. However, his upbringing also plays a huge role in the attitude of the quadruped to the world around him!

Properly socialized with other dogs and people, even the smallest doggie will not feel threatened in their company and will behave calmly. Keeping a chihuahua in your arms, in a purse, and avoiding walks isolate the pooch from everything and do not give him the opportunity to understand the world around him. As a result, the quadruped, when encountering unknown stimuli, reacts with fear… and rage specific to the miniatures. Therefore, every caregiver caring for the dog should provide him with appropriate socialization and training. Thanks to them, the pooch will gain self-confidence and will not have to bang his teeth in self-defense!

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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