When to take a puppy We explain when to pick a dog from the kennel

When to take a puppy We explain when to pick a dog from the kennel

We all like small, fluffy balls – even at the price of several months of confusion at home, puddles and bitten shoes. But do we know when is the best time to take a puppy home?

It is also common belief that taking a puppy guarantees a deeper bond with the dog, greater attachment to the guide. However, we rarely think about how many weeks the baby should have at the time of sale. Meanwhile, the dog develops so quickly that sometimes a difference of several days can affect his psyche for life.

When to take a puppy home?

Breeders associated in cynological organizations are allowed to give puppies after finishing sixth (Polish Club of the Purebred Dog) or seventh week (Kennel Club in Poland). Even younger pets are offered on stock exchanges or on the Internet. Because the buyer often expects his puppy to eat only dry food, dogs released at such a young age are separated from their mothers in the fourth or fifth week of life. Breeders want to sell the litter as soon as possible, because every additional week that the dogs spend with him means the necessity of feeding them, and therefore considerable costs.

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Trainers often opt for early taking puppies from the breeder, who notice problems with socialization deficiency in pets bought after the twelfth week of life. Of course, in order to grow into a mentally stable dog must be properly socialized in the first months of life. However, this can be done in breeding. You just have to find one where you actually do it.

10 weeks old puppy

If we have a really big problem finding a breeding socializing litters, we can take a puppy who is younger – just not too young! If the development stages of the dog are taken into account, puppies younger than 10 weeks old should not be bought. There is a high probability that separation anxiety and other anxiety-related problems, hyperactivity, too much biting in play or aggression will appear.

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Let’s especially beware of picking up a baby who is just eight weeks old because he is going through his first anxiety period. The drastic change associated with separating him from his siblings and moving to a new home can result in trauma for life. However, disconnecting puppies from younger mothers is cruel and should not happen at all.

Puppies 12-16 weeks old

Babies who stay with their mother and siblings for the first 12-16 weeks of life and are socialized by the breeder, grow into mentally stable dogs. They also have no problems acclimatizing in a new home.

Already in the early 1950s, American scientists observed in experimental breeding that puppies naturally remain with their mother just for such a time. The few breeders who keep their litters together for so long are fascinated by how many important things puppies learn from their mothers.

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Bitches arrange children’s games and encourage them to explore the surroundings. They stop quarrels and destroy puppies’ attempts to guard objects. They avoid babies that bite too much and thus teach them to control their mouths. They calm the kids too excited and support them when they get scared.

The process of weaning puppies from mother’s sucking is also important for their mental development. In this way, the bitch teaches them how to control the frustration that comes from the reach of something they desire very much, but they do not have access to it.

Let the dog mother raise her children and we will have less work with them.

Author: Magda Urban


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