What is the Golden Retriever really like? You may not have known about him!

What is the Golden Retriever really like? You may not have known about him!

The golden retriever breed comes from Great Britain. These dogs, according to the FCI classification, belong to group VIII – retrievers, flushing dogs and water dogs, as well as to section 1 – retrievers. They are hunting dogs and are subject to work tests. They need human presence and long walks with their caregiver. They are joyful and interesting in the world. They have many beautiful advantages. However, they can also show such features that not everyone will like, such as passion for swamps, water or mud. What is the Golden Retriever really like? Wonderful but …

1. Golden is not a toy for a child

No dog should be taken home as a „baby” dog. The decision to take a dog must be well thought out by adults. Yes, you can take your dog home with your child. Why not? If we raise a quadruped well and show the branches how to treat a dog properly, a really beautiful relationship can arise between them. However, this is to be a family member to whom an adult will devote time to socialization, learning obedience, raising and meeting dog’s needs. Your dog’s guide should always be an adult, not a child. That is why we do not buy a puppy for a child in a kennel, because it wants to take care of him. We buy a dog for ourselves, at our own risk.

Unfortunately, often dogs, even those initially very wanted, later land in shelters or foundations. This can be seen even in the race I am writing about here. Every dog ​​should be given time from the beginning. If we take a puppy home, we must continue the socialization started in breeding. It’s best to plan a dog kindergarten and school in advance. The dog in the process of raising needs specific tips – polite itself will not do. Also, the golden, due to lack of socialization, may become fearful and will not know what to do in different situations. Such emotions arouse frustration, which in turn can even lead to aggression. That is why the stage of good socialization is priceless! You should also read the appropriate reading before taking the dog. Both those touching the subject of obedience and body language of the dog and the breed. This is really very important.

Every dog ​​can be spoiled …

The world has once been of the opinion that a golden retriever is a „dog for a child”. Such a sweet, lovely „soft toy” with a charming smile. Well, since it is suitable for dog therapy, it will definitely take care of every child at home. Error! Golden retriever is not a toy for a child. Dogs for dog therapy are often chosen in this respect already in the ZKwP kennel from which they come. They reach a person who has appropriate education, goes with such a dog for a long, difficult course and passes the appropriate exam so that such a dog can be allowed to work with children – especially when it comes to sick children. Not as a toy, but as a therapist’s assistant. It requires effort and time – it is worth remembering.

It is true that the golden from a good breeding ZKwP should have a mild temperament, but any dog ​​can be „spoiled” by improper handling. If he had a well conducted stage of socialization and has a balanced psyche, then it will be rather difficult to provoke him. Remember, however, that golden is a flesh and blood dog. Every dog, regardless of breed, has its limits. Patience can end even with the mildest golden in the world. Therefore, you should never leave your dog with young children without adult supervision.

Many people think that there is basically nothing to do with golden, because he is so obedient by nature. And here is the trap … From the beginning you need to put emphasis on training and teach the dog the rules at home. A dog may tend to become obedient faster, but you must teach him! It is always worth sticking to the tips of a good breeder and keep in mind that raising golden will cost us a bit – and when it comes to the time we need to spend it, and when it comes to the money we spend on classes at the dog school.

2. Golden requires experience

Golden retriever is a very intelligent breed. He likes working with people. However, because he is so intelligent, he can catch every human mistake and stubbornly use it according to his needs. Therefore, when raising a dog of this breed, you often need exceptional consistency. Then we can teach this dog a lot of great things! However, we must be very vigilant and remember that golden, if he wants, can use every moment of inattention at his guide.

Golden can also be very stubborn in asking for food. Often, the owners give in to these sweet eyes, and then they wonder how to slim down the dog now, because he gained something too quickly. Well, it is worth exercising a strong will for the love of golden and for the sake of his health. Sometimes the pooch may not even feel like doing more, but not because he chose it, but because he is too fat and he is getting harder. So you need to take care of proper nutrition and the right dose of movement, and thus – the condition of his joints.

little golden
photo: Grzegorz Kozłowski (kozlowskigrzegorz.pl)

Breed pattern and differences between dogs

It should also be remembered that different types of dogs may exist in a given breed. Some will love to swim, spend time more actively and enjoy working. Others will be calmer, but may be inclined to defend resources more, which will require more work. A good breeder can catch some features already in the baby. Hence, it’s good to choose a dog by character, not just by appearance.

Let’s remember that properly socialized and subjected to positive methods of golden retriever as an adult will become a real friend with whom you can do many interesting things. Golden should be self-confident and not shy. At the same time, his confidence may require a lot of consistency on our part. Both when learning commands and every day – throughout the dog’s life. You have to have patience with golden.

3. Golden must have a job

It’s really worth remembering that goldens are not only „family dogs”, but above all hunting dogs. They can track animals well and have a particularly strengthened grip. And now it is not about them constantly throwing sticks, which, moreover, can be very dangerous and hammer the palate. I am talking more about giving the pet a reward sometimes a thicker stick, because goldens love to carry something in their mouths.

Given Golden’s roof, it is worth remembering that you will need to plan your time so that you can enable your dog to meet its natural needs. They are quadrupeds that need the presence of a man, but also a good guide. They need his company, they want to work with him and go on interesting, discovery trips. In addition, goldens are born retrievers. Therefore, it is worth teaching them from the small principles of correct in-kind contribution. It is not about them wearing what they want, but to make good use of their great ability to play together.

two goldens
photo: Grzegorz Kozłowski (kozlowskigrzegorz.pl)

This can be done with golden

What to do with the golden to use his innate abilities? For example, you can teach him how to carry a basket, make small purchases or newspapers. He will feel fulfilled and proud, and we will have a wonderful helper. If someone has more time, they can go to the dummy class with the golden. Goldens as hunting dogs are designed to bring shot, targeted animals – most often birds, but not only – under human feet. Currently, they are rarely used in hunting, but an interesting replacement for ducks may be working with artificial apport, i.e. dummy.

It is worth finding a good school that will show us the rules of such work with a dog. For a retriever who has the features contained in the breed standard, such work will really be a great joy! If a pooch loves to swim and fetch, he will be able to fetch water from an artificial fetch. If he is confident, he will be painted with curiosity and happiness on his face and go into the deepest brushwood to bring in to his guide’s hands. However, this requires a lesson of obedience, patience, time and consistency.

And a few words at the end …

Goldens love human company and work with him. It is a breed that likes both hanging out with a man on the sofa – if the guardian allows it – of course, and long, active walks with his family. It is best, however, if none of these elements are missing. The couch alone is not enough … Someone will say that his dog likes it so much. But then, let him ask himself honestly if his dog had other options shown? Because if he knew the taste of joint activities and heard the praise from his guardian’s lips that he apologizes so beautifully, he would definitely love this occupation. Because every golden has it in his blood.

Of course, we do not necessarily have to practice just dummy if it exceeds our capabilities. It is better to do something less absorbing then, but it’s good. For example, you can run goldeni nose. These dogs are very fond of sniffing, so you can provide them with fun tiring their mind. You can also go to odor detection classes. Golden can also check in rally-0 or even more advanced obedience. However, the latter will require a lot of work from the puppy and perfect obedience. It is also worth considering the capabilities of a given dog and, for example, the fact that much more time will have to be devoted to learning with an adult, non-castrated male.

Golden retriever dogs are usually energetic, active and really like long walks, not only with their guardians, but also with other dogs. And especially with representatives of your race. You should also be prepared for the fact that the dog will often come back wet and muddy from the walk. But dirty golden is a happy golden!

Author: Agnieszka Czylok


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