What does a dog really need after adoption?

    What does a dog really need after adoption?

    By taking a dog from the shelter home, we want to compensate him for the time spent behind bars. Long walks, a huge portion of tenderness and crazy games seem to us just what a pooch should get on the first day in his new home. However, this start will not be the best for every dog! What does a dog really need after adoption?

    How does the dog feel after adoption?

    Moving from behind bars to a quiet home is a huge shock for most dogs. Especially animals who have been in the shelter for a long time and have become accustomed to noise, crowds and daily routine may feel that their whole life has suddenly turned upside down. The hunchbacked animal does not know that he has received a chance for a new, wonderful life from fate. Brought home, he is often overwhelmed with new smells and sounds he does not understand. Also his new family consists of strangers themselves. No wonder that adopted quadrupeds sometimes need up to two months to find themselves in a new environment and trust their guardians. Fortunately, there are several ways for your dog to become acclimatized in our home after adoption. Here are some of the most important rules!

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    Quadrupeds do not have much traffic in the shelter and the opportunity to visit new places. However, you should not take your dog on long trips from the first days! At the beginning of your stay, your pet should first and foremost feel safe in its immediate surroundings. Short walks around the house for several minutes for now are enough for him. Adhering to this rule will allow you to avoid additional stress for the new mentee – meeting with foreign dogs, traffic, overwhelming surrounding stimuli … For longer walks there will come a time when the pet will really trust you and take on the right condition. In the shelter, he didn’t have the opportunity to run and develop strong muscles!


    For the dog to be a real pleasure, he must fully trust his guardian. Lack of a strong relationship can make the pooch feel insecure and react too violently when pulling the spike or lifting the imported ball. Stimulating fun also releases a lot of adrenaline and cortisol in pooches, which can add to the animal’s stress after adoption and make the pooch restless and reactive. Such activities should be left for later!

    Basic needs

    Constant access to water, nutritious meals and the possibility of emptying the bladder are one of the most important needs of adopted pets. Stressed out after moving, the pooch may drink more than he should, which means he will need more pee exits. The shock of moving house can also cause your pet to get diarrhea. Therefore, in the first days in a new home he will need a lot more walks than later. In order to give the dog a sense of security, we should also take care of his feeding. However, this is not just about good quality food! An adopted animal should receive two meals in a bowl during the day, thanks to which it will not feel unpleasant hunger. You can also give him teethers to relax while chewing them. Eating a quadruped must not be disturbed or required to perform tricks in exchange for a meal.


    Sleep is the best medicine for every stress. Adopted from a noisy shelter, the pooch will need him a lot. That is why in the dog’s timetable we should reserve a lot of time free from playing, walking and stroking. Some quadrupeds need a safe, secluded place to fall into deep, restorative sleep. Therefore, for a newly adopted pet, it is worth preparing several beds in different places so that he can choose the one on which he will feel best. Some of the pooches will look for tight hiding places and sleep, for example, behind the sofa or under the bed. We should not chase them away – the time to learn to sleep on a bed will come when the animal trusts us and sleep soundly.

    After adoption, the dog needs …

    … above all peace and understanding. Like us, quadrupeds can feel scared, lost and threatened if they do not understand what to expect. Therefore, having a newly adopted pet at home, we have to run our entire empathy, do not impose ourselves on the pooch and focus on making him feel safe with us.

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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