What can shih tzu learn

What can shih tzu learn

„Hi, my name is Cooper and I’m shih tzu! I was born on July 1, 2013 and I live with my Mrs. Kristy in Lytham, Lancashire, UK. Kristy likes to teach me amazing tricks. Many people ask Kristy how she managed to teach me all this, so she explains it on this page (www.coopertheshihtzu.com).

Kristy while learning uses only positive training methods (love, praise, treats) and clicker. Some tricks require gesture commands, others are verbal, and sometimes you don’t need them at all. The video with my tricks can be viewed on YouTube and Instagram – nothing was mounted there, and most were recorded in a few approaches at most. Although Kristy devotes a lot of time to training me, I spend most of my time walking and running on the beach 🙂 I like to learn new tricks because it means that I will get a lot of treats! „

See for yourself what Cooper can do. MC


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