We are going on vacation! Small and large trips with a dog

We are going on vacation! Small and large trips with a dog

Holidays are still going on. Although some are already after the long-awaited vacation, others are just going on it. Some people wonder what to do with their pet then, and yet traveling with a dog can be full of great adventures.

However, we must prepare ourselves for them – from choosing the right transport to planning the journey. We suggest how to do it!

Traveling with a dog


Traveling with a dog by train is a simple matter – all you need is a pooch in a muzzle and on a leash, and we have his health book with current vaccinations. You just have to remember about the ticket for your quadruped!


Small dogs are carried in the aircraft as hand luggage (in the transporter), and medium and large – in the hold. You will find information about the necessary documents and additional fees on the website of each carrier.


Most coaches and buses do not allow animals, even small dogs, that could travel in the transporter. Before choosing this means of transport, carefully check the regulations.

We are packing

When traveling with a dog, you need to take a water supply and a bowl to which you pour it, or a water bottle, which is also a drinker (costs about PLN 5). Treats will also be useful – to reward a dog for good behavior or simply to make his journey more pleasant. At the stops you will definitely use the poop bags. And if your pet usually runs after the ball on walks, keep it with you during your breaks.

girl with a dog in the trunk
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We are preparing a car

Yes, yes, we should also prepare the car for a four-legged passenger. Because how would he travel in this car? For small dogs, a lockable transporter will work, ideally positioned on the floor between the front seat and the sofa. With medium, belts are recommended (they are a kind of harness), which are attached to car belts. Large quadrupeds are best transported in a cage in the trunk of a van or station wagon.

Dog Passenger

Plan your departure time first – if it’s hot in the morning, go early in the morning or at night. About eight hours before the trip, do not feed the pooch (due to possible stomach sensations). When your pet suffers from motion sickness, after consulting a vet give him medicine (and from natural products – a piece of fresh ginger). Shortly before traveling, take the pooch for a walk, so that the car does not carry him energy.

the lady travels with a dog
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Let’s go!

It is good to plan stops in advance so that you stop somewhere every 2-3 hours. Such a stop should last at least 15 minutes – during this time the four-legged passenger will have time to stretch the bones, meet physiological needs and may even run a few times behind the ball. But you will not be happy when you spend your break in an asphalt parking lot … It will be much nicer to stop at the edge of the forest or near the park. People too.

Author: Dorota Jastrzębowska


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