The most common mistakes made in dog nutrition. Make sure you know them!

The most common mistakes made in dog nutrition. Make sure you know them!

The dogs usually have an appetite – unless the animal is sick or for some other reason they do not eat too willingly. Caregivers, in turn, willingly feed their pets with delicacies, completely without looking at how many calories a day the animal absorbs. This is one of the many nutritional mistakes that owners make. Of course, guardians do it with good intentions, but it undoubtedly affects the health of the pet. What other mistakes in feeding have dog owners on their conscience? Make sure you don’t commit them!

1. You don’t know what you are serving and how much

If you ask the average dog owner what food his dog eats, he probably wouldn’t know. What’s more, if he was just trying to slim down his dog, he would be amazed why it doesn’t work out for him! And it doesn’t work out, because many of us, apart from food, give the pet a lot of delicacies, chews, tasty pieces under the table … These are all calories! If we want to feed the dog, give him less food.

2. You provide products from the human menu

Sometimes we forget that a dog is not … a human. So he can’t eat everything that we do, because there are harmful products on our menu. These include onion or garlic, but also chocolate and raisins. Also watch out for chewing gum – its sweet taste may attract the dog, and in gum, but also in jellies, there may be toxic xylitol.

3. You do not store properly

Do you keep food in an open bag on the windowsill? This is a big mistake! Karma weathers and the fats contained in it are rancid. Therefore, keep the original food bag in a closed plastic container. The place is also important – it should be dry, dark and cool. A pantry or cabinet will be perfect.

4. You serve different foods at the same time

Today we will give this karma, and tomorrow maybe some of the other that the neighbor gave, and we will mix it with wet one … Let’s not do that! Let’s buy one feed and only serve it for at least a few weeks. Wet we give as a separate meal – do not mix!

5. You do not measure out portions of karma

Who among you spits eye food? We hope nobody! It is very important to indicate the amount recommended by the manufacturer on the packaging. It’s not just about the right amount of calories, but also about nutrients. Measures in your hand!

6. You buy one food for two dogs

What other dog carers make mistakes in nutrition? If you have two labradors of a similar age, without any medical conditions, they can eat the same. But york and the Shepherd are not! When choosing food, we must pay attention to what age the dog is intended for and how much he should get.

7. Experiment on a sick dog

The vet recommended a special diet because your dog is sick? It is worth sticking to these recommendations – it is part of the therapy! Unfortunately, dog keepers often ask others whether it is worth giving such veterinary food and what to change it for … Similarly with supplements – we should not listen to friends, only consult a veterinarian.

Author: Aleksandra Więcławska


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