The eyes of man and dog! Why does the dog run on a walk?

    The eyes of man and dog! Why does the dog run on a walk?

    Are you a bundle of nerves on walks with your dog because your pet runs away on them? All you need is a moment of inattention to lose sight of your quadruped. Find out why the dog escapes on a walk and how to avoid it.

    Why does the dog run on a walk? Here is what the dog Frodo thinks about it …

    The walks are wonderful! You can run, smell, play and explore new places and unknown dogs. And Anecia always takes some delicacies for me, so I know that when I run to her, I will get not only small dishes, but also something delicious. That’s why I’m running like wings! Well, maybe it wasn’t always this way, but then I was small and I didn’t know the rules. It seemed to me that when the walk is over, we will never come to this park again and will not be able to play with Pikus and Lora. That’s why I sometimes ran away to make the walk last as long as possible! Anecia did not want me to do that, so she showed me that she was taking me from the park to go to another attractive place. I have found that it is not worth running away, because I can avoid other adventures.

    I see dogs sometimes running forward without thinking, because they are afraid of something, e.g. stupid fireworks that stupid bipeds play in parks. I’m not afraid, but sometimes, when such a firecracker shoots right next to me, even I would like to run as far as possible from this terrible noise and stench! It’s good that Anecia has me on a leash, I feel safer.

    Why does the dog run on a walk? Here is what behaviorist Aneta thinks about it …

    Even if you have brilliant retorts with your friends and wonderfully tell jokes, you can be the biggest bore of the world for your dog. And then he will run away from you on walks. As soon as you unplug the leash, he will run deep blue to experience attractions, adventures and games.

    For a dog to stick to you on an invisible leash, you must be an interesting companion. Admit it: how many times do you check facebook and insta while leaving, how many times do you call friends and how many text messages do you send? You stare at the screen and the dog enjoys life! That’s why he runs away, ignores your call, prefers to run with dog friends instead of crawling next to your awkward leg.

    If you want your dog not to run away from you during walks, become his biggest attraction! Have fun with him. Hide-and-seek, tag, and dragging. The surprising! Suggest new places for walks, full of unknown smells. Meet new dogs, do sports together … Even a change in walking pace will be an attraction. Faster, slower, then faster again, and then go as slowly as you can, in addition a strange step. All this will focus the dog’s attention on you, make you more attractive. And if you take a few tasty-smelling bites for a walk and give them to your pooch in an unexpected moment, you will become not only the best playmate, but also an automatic machine for giving delicacies. You’ll stop being boring!

    Author: Aneta Awtoniuk


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