The eyes of man and dog! Why does the dog dig in the garden?

The eyes of man and dog! Why does the dog dig in the garden?

Digging is a natural need for canidae. So the dog is not digging in your garden to hurt you. If this is not the reason, what is it? This is explained by both the behaviorist and her dog!

Why does the dog dig in the garden? Here is what the dog Frodo thinks about it …

I like digging pits on the beach the most and on a warm day lie in such a deep excavation, where cool water collects. Actually, I only like to dig in the sand. But I do not live on the beach, only normally in a house with a garden with grass and land. Anecia plants some flowers and carrots there. She forbade me to destroy it – I am prohibited from eating and kicking.

I was a bit offended because I’m not a fool to destroy carrots. I prefer eating them much more when they grow up and Anecia takes them out of the earth, cleanses, washes and peels them. Oh, then I am very interested in carrots! But such in the ground – not at all.

Sometimes I like to scratch the grass with a claw on a walk, when I feel that there is a smell of some handsome bitch. When I scratch this place, the smell gets clearer. However, digging pits in the ground is not my favorite pastime. Much more than digging, I prefer to play in the garden looking for toys hidden by Aneta. Well, but I know that different dogs like different things, just like people do.

Why does the dog dig in the garden? Here is what behaviorist Aneta thinks about it …

Spring is conducive to being with the dog in the garden. It’s worse when we leave him alone. Bored like a hundred pugs, he can get in a bad mood and hurt himself.

Digging is one of the most common actions dogs take to release tension. So when they are alone in the garden, they first roam where they are usually not allowed. These are unknown places full of new fragrances, and therefore very attractive. Then, when the whole area around the house is examined, and the dog is still not allowed into the house, it starts to get bored. He can then gnaw on plants, bark at emerging creatures, e.g. birds or squirrels, and dig.

There are dogs who like to dig more than others, e.g. jack russell terriers, and taking such a pooch, it is worth reckoning with the fact that beds and a beautiful lawn may not survive. Dogs also sometimes like to bury something – especially in fresh, soft soil. When I observe the enthusiasm with which the pups pull out the teether lying there for a long time, I think it must be a delicacy for them! I also know a few dogs who have forgotten, where they hid treats. They were usually found by garden owners. If the dog kicks excessively, i.e. every exit from the house ends up cutting the lawn as if you lived with a boar, it means that the pooch has some problems with emotions and it is worth using the help of a behaviorist. Not only to have a beautiful garden, but above all a happy dog!

Author: Aneta Awtoniuk


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