The dog wants to sleep with you in bed, not in the lair? We explain why!

    The dog wants to sleep with you in bed, not in the lair? We explain why!

    In fact, why does the dog want to sleep in bed? After all, it has such a large and comfortable lair … What is it really about? The behaviorist and her dog explain everything!

    Why does the dog want to sleep in bed? Here is what the dog Frodo thinks about it …

    Where would I sleep if not in Anecia’s bed? On the floor like an animal ?! I’m sure Aneci would be sorry if I didn’t come over to my blanket on the quilt. I am not allowed on bedding, Anecia is very strict in this matter, but I can use a blanket, so I use it. I would be sad if I was ignored, for example, during feeding and did not get my portion. And sleeping is almost as important as eating. It is known that you sleep with those whom you trust and feel safe with.

    Sometimes I lie down until Anecia falls asleep and goes to her own lair, because she fidgets in her sleep and wakes me up. And sometimes it’s nice to sleep together all night. If Anecia were a dog, I would sleep curled up with my nose nestled in her fur on her side. And I would cover our heads with my tail! Well, while he is still human, I have to solve it a little differently, more humanly. I also like when I stay alone at home for longer, spread out on the bed in the bedroom. I stick out a little for the blanket, but nobody can see. The bed smells of Anecia, is soft and safe. These are my favorite naps!

    Why does the dog want to sleep in bed? Here is what behaviorist Aneta thinks about it …

    In this case I have the same opinion as Frodo. Dogs don’t like to sleep alone, it’s not natural for them. If they lived in a cluster, they would sleep sleeping in each other. It’s warmer and safer. In addition, the herd works together: it hunts, conquers territory and rests.

    From a dog’s point of view, packing into a human bed is something obvious. When the puppy gets to our home, we teach him the applicable rules. One of them is the inaccessibility of the bedroom and the pooches adapt to this, remaining on the threshold when the guardian goes to sleep. Anyone who has tried to implement such rules knows how difficult it is. Dogs try endlessly, scratch, squeak, just to get to bed. It is difficult for them to understand why the guardian refuses to let them into the lair. If a man is consistent, he will teach a dog to sleep separately. Most often, however, people break at the second poignant squeal and take the puppy on the quilt. Then he immediately falls asleep and stays that way.

    However, in order to rest safely and comfortably together, it is worth teaching the dog to get off the bed at the command. It is unacceptable to defend the bed against other household members or bring your toys there. A dog that sleeps in one lair with a man should be healthy, dewormed, brushed regularly, in a word: clean. And you still have to reckon with sand and lint on the bedding and accept the fact that this is not a completely hygienic solution. Everyone must decide for themselves: sleep with the dog or not.

    Author: Aneta Awtoniuk


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