The dog is overweight? It’s easy to lose weight with your dog!

The dog is overweight? It's easy to lose weight with your dog!

If you know that your dog is overweight or, worse, obese, don’t think about it anymore. Start losing it today! If, however, you are in doubt, see your vet for advice and decide together what weight will be ideal for him. A clearly defined goal is essential.

When the dog is overweight …

First, check the packaging of your dog’s food to see how much it should be getting per day. Subtract 15% from the amount indicated in the table and divide it into two equal parts. This is how you got the size of one meal – give this portion to your dog for breakfast and dinner.

It may happen that despite serving the dog reduced portions of food, the pet still does not lose weight, and looking at him from above, he still does not see the waistline. This is a signal that you should reach for special slimming foods, usually labeled „light”. There are many of them on the market – choose one that is low in fat (no more than 10%) and quite high in protein (at least 26%). Serve it in accordance with the dosage indicated on the package.

However, a miracle will not happen if you do not finish feeding your dog between meals. And we mean not only those „freebies” that the dog gets under the table, but also dog treats, often very fattening. Such a dried ear is 180 kcal! Therefore, if we want to treat the dog we are slimming with a treat, subtract a spoonful of food from the nearest portion of basic food (a spoon if it is a small dog). He won’t notice, and he’ll be healthier. We keep our fingers crossed for you not to be tempted by asking eyes!

This must be remembered when losing weight

  • No more feeding. Make absolutely no tossing your dog food „by the way”. The dog is not a garbage can! Start feeding him instead of feeding him, that is, give only what really nourishes his body. And tell all the guests about it.
  • More traffic. Diet is a diet, but exercise is also important. But it’s not about your couch potato jogging from tomorrow! Bet on long, interesting walks to new places. And remember that regularity is the key to success – make kilometers every day!
  • Weight control. Weigh the dog immediately and set the goal you want to achieve. The dog should lose 2% of its body weight per week. To control this, weigh it once a week, always on the same scale.
Author: Aleksandra Więcławska


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