Test: Is your dog independent? Check it out!

Test: Is your dog independent? Check it out!

Do you think your dog is independent and will cope well in any difficult situation? Or maybe you feel that the animal relies too much on you and you want to know if you should worry about it? This test will allow you to check if your pet is addicted to your help!

Is your dog independent?

Here are 8 questions that will let you know if your dog depends on you too much. Prepare a pen and paper to save the points you received for the answers you selected. After summarizing them you will find out if your dog is independent. Good luck!

1. How does your pooch deal with the olfactory mat?

  • I work it out myself and only look at me when the delicacies are over (4)
  • bravely sniffs, sometimes I just glance if I’m with him (3)
  • every now and then he breaks away from the mat and checks if I will help him (2)
  • can’t handle at all, asks me to take out delicacies (1)

2. Has your pet ever stolen any food for you?

  • as soon as I look away, he opens the cupboards, the fridge, jumps on the table … Nothing will hide from him! (4)
  • he rolled a sandwich off my plate a few times when he was alone with it (3)
  • sometimes he looks into the shopping net, but he only smells (2)
  • no – if he wants something, he squeaks and asks to give it to him (1)

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Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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