Test: Does your dog get bored with you? Let’s check it!

Test: Does your dog get bored with you? Let's check it!

Do you provide your pet with enough movement and new stimuli? Or maybe your dog is bored with you? See if you can see any signs of boredom in your pet and take our test to see if you are a good guardian!

Is your dog bored with you?

Here are 8 questions that will tell you if you give your pet enough attention. Prepare a pen and paper to save the points you received for the answers you selected. After summarizing them, you will find out if your dog is bored with you. Good luck!

1. Does your dog often lick his paws?

  • oh yes, he can do it for hours! (4)
  • as it lies on a bed, he often deals with it (3)
  • once in a while it will happen (2)
  • very, very rare (1)

2. How does your dog behave on walks?

  • he pulls without thinking about everything and it’s impossible to catch contact with him (4)
  • fiercely eating grass, digging holes or biting sticks (3)
  • watchfully observe the surroundings (2)
  • sniffs calmly on a loose leash, draws attention to me and listens to commands (1)

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Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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