Test: Do you know everything about puppies?

Test: Do you know everything about puppies?

Are you planning to buy or adopt a little pooch? To avoid serious mishaps and many problems, first check if you know everything about puppies and if you have enough knowledge to cope with raising a young dog!

Do you know everything about puppies?

Here are 8 questions that will help you learn how well you know little puppies. Prepare a pen and paper to save the points you received for the answers you selected. After summarizing them, check if you already know everything about puppies. Good luck!

1. How many times a day should you feed a monthly puppy?

  • four times a day or more often (4)
  • at least three times a day (3)
  • the puppy should have permanent access to the food bowl (2)
  • once a day (1)

2. What to do if a puppy bites shoes or furniture?

  • offer him a dog’s teether or toy in return and secure his home appliances (4)
  • bury all things so that they have nothing to bite (3)
  • draw him a sharp tone (2)
  • grab him by the neck or hit his mouth (1)

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Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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