Test: Are you really sensitive to animal harm?

Test: Are you really sensitive to animal harm?

Do you think you have a lot of empathy and are sensitive to animal harm? Thanks to this test, you can check whether your pets are good for you!

Are you sensitive to animal harm?

Here are 8 questions that will tell you if you are endowed with exceptional empathy for animals. Prepare a pen and paper to save the points you received for the answers you selected. After summarizing them, you will find out if you are sensitive to animal harm. Good luck!

1. You see a friendly dog ​​wandering the street. What are you doing?

  • I call the city guard and wait for her near the pooches (4)
  • I take my dog ​​home and write ads (3)
  • I take a photo of my dog, upload it to Facebook and go home (2)
  • nothing, it’s not my dog! (1)

2. Do you bring gifts to the dog shelter?

  • yes, I regularly buy good dog food or bring blankets (4)
  • I always try to add something to a collection organized by other people (3)
  • I once brought an old dog collar or leftover food that got boring (2)
  • no, after all these dogs are kept from taxes (1)

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Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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