Test: Are you an expert in dog nutrition?

Test: Are you an expert in dog nutrition?

Do you consider yourself a real dog nutrition specialist? Are you saying that the feed stores have no secrets for you, and your pet has the best diet of all the pooches in your city? So this test is just for you! Thanks to us, you can check your knowledge and find out if you can really be an expert in dog nutrition.

Are you an expert in dog nutrition?

Here are 8 questions that will test your knowledge of dog nutrition. Prepare a pen and paper to write the letters assigned to your answers. After the test, go to the last page to find out if you are a dog nutrition expert. Good luck!

1. The BARF diet consists of …

  • administering dog’s bones (A)
  • mixing rice with liver (B)
  • feeding the dog meat, offal and bones supplemented with supplements (C)
  • occasionally adding a piece of meat to a dog’s food (D)

2. In a good diet, the first ingredient should be …

  • cereals (A)
  • animal by-products (B)
  • meat (C)
  • the order of the ingredients does not matter (D)

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Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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