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Normal body temperature in dogs ranges from 38 degrees Celsius to 39 degrees C. However, there is a close relationship between the age of the animal and the size of the breed, and the correct temperature. Adult dogs of large breeds have a temperature of 38-38.5 degrees C, and small breeds – 38.5-39 degrees C. The temperature of puppies between 3 and 6 weeks of age should be 38.5-39.2 & C . In turn, the temperature drop in the bitch in the final stage of pregnancy to 37 degrees Celsius is a signal that labor will begin within the next day.
We measure the dog’s rectal temperature. Before inserting the thermometer, moisten the tip with petroleum jelly, paraffin oil, baby oil or regular cream. A special veterinary mercury thermometer called minute is used to measure temperature in animals. We read the result after 60 seconds. However, you need some practice because the thermometer is small. Electronic thermometers are also used in veterinary surgeries, which signal the end of the measurement by means of sound. Thermometers can be bought at pet stores, veterinary wholesalers or ordered from a veterinarian.
A mercury thermometer costs about PLN 15, while an electronic one – about PLN 25.

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