Small dogs have good energy

Small dogs have good energy

Chihuahua is the only breed for me – small and trouble-free. A tiny dog ​​makes a tiny pee, so you don’t have the pressure to get up early in the morning, which would be crazy in my work mode. All you need is daisy … I didn’t plan the dog at all, the dog planned himself: on the set of the series „M jak miłość”, at the house of Olga – the heroine I play.

I am a little bit
There were only two puppies. When I saw them, it immediately occurred to me to take one, but I tried to get it out of my head. But the pictures were permanent and lasting, and the team was still looking for me: „Where is Karolina?” „With dogs!” – and almost forced me to the set. These dogs have already begun to respond to me. I tried to make some ground: „Mom, there is such a dog on the set – I was talking only about one thing – so pretty …”. „Where are you dog now!” So I came up with the idea to take a photo with a phone bitch: such a lovely white ball will grab everyone’s heart. I showed them to my mother and she looked and said: „I understand you …”. So I was limping iron while it was hot: that they eat little, that they don’t have to go out with them so much …
Everyone said: you and the dog? After all, you’re still gone … Until finally I reflected: how is it still gone? I’m a homeowner! I’m a bit gone, it’s a fact – but without exaggeration …

Pair dogs, pair socks
First, I took a bitch. She was more restrained than the dog, but nevertheless she began to approach me, swinging on her thin paws – and she disarmed me terribly. He was everywhere, and she just looked, looked – and spotted.
Przemek Cypryański said: she is so pretty, name her somehow, maybe Bonita? And she immediately associated me with such a teddy bear – white with black eyes. And she became a Bear.
Farih joined after a week and actually talked me into him … mother. When I took him, I didn’t know him yet – he seemed to me a bit of a funny slouch. And because Arab climate is close to me, I called him Farih (cheerful). When Misia did not have a companion yet, and it happened that I was no longer there, she lay so sad … And now the two balls stay together. When I come back, I have broken clothes, shoes, laundry everywhere … it’s fun – and that was it! They get hooked, hit, bite, then lick and apologize – watching it is exciting. The most popular are hand made toys: for example, my hair roller hooked on a leash. Once, the plastic cover from the TV fell off, I could not find it – it turned out that they also included it in the collection of favorite toys. These include, in particular, things that can be pulled from two sides – socks are terribly cool, which is why I have all of them unmatched.

Little big lady
I had a guinea pig, Chinese mice, which I chased around the apartment because they jumped out of the aquarium – but with these animals there is no such contact, you can not talk to them – and I like to talk. Misia and Farih are sitting, looking at me, nodding, looking at what I mean. I tell them what’s going on or complain or ask where I hid something … Farih is a better listener. The more characteristic Teddy Bear gets bored faster, turns around, goes to sleep and has everything in his nose. And he is more adhesive, so he sits patiently and … has no choice. He also waits at the door whenever I return, and Teddy only if he is awake. She is happy but waits for me to approach her – a small, big lady. He doesn’t allow him everything, though he is smaller, he can bite off.
They are very jealous of each other – that’s why I have to do everything with two hands: stroke, scratch behind the ear or take on my knees.

A small bodyguard
They probably are not aware that they are so small, because the larger the dog gets in their way, the larger they attack. Farih straightens his mane like a lion, and Misia has learned to fease her from him. He behaves like a bodyguard – he does not step back and barks at everything that moves. Big dogs are stupid – they don’t know where this voice comes from. Just in case we walk only on a leash. I try not to make contact too close, because I wouldn’t stand a big dog in place, as if something was jumping and barking in my ear …
I try to treat them normally, not like mascots that are held under my arm. When they were small, I carried them in my bag, but they grew out of it – and that’s good, because what a walk it would be for them. And so I run after them and this is my gym.
Although they have better cosmetics than I do, comb them, bathe – but this is not an exaggeration, since I decided on long-haired dogs. It is also obvious to me that I have to wipe their eyes or paws. It’s a good preparation for motherhood – especially the two … I’m not crazy about clothes, but maybe they will be necessary in the winter – last year the puppies were so small that they did not go outside.

Small big stickers
Of course, they sleep in bed with me and this is no secret. I bought them a fold-out sandwich, but they only use it during the day. Teddy loves to sleep under the covers – usually only the nose or ear protrudes from under it … When they were small, I was afraid to take them to bed so as not to crush them – now they are huge for me. Until now, I have a pillow by the bed that they had to climb on – although they can already jump in. But you have to be careful not to step on them or let anything fall on them. „Dad, watch out for the dogs!” – I often shout a warning. „And where are they?” „I don’t know – somewhere they are …”.
I thought I would take them to work. But they cause such reactions that oops! And immediately everyone starts to stroke them. I want to spare them that. They are a hundred times better if they can do what they want at home and they are often visited by my mother or friend. Now there are new dogs on the set again and I can see them shaking, because every now and then someone takes them in their arms and puts, takes and puts …
Small dogs are different, they even smell different. They suit me very well, we have a lot in common: we are sticky, we sleep long, we like to eat. Earlier I had a rough-haired dachshund, Szelma, who died three years ago – then the dachshund seemed tiny to me … I would have bought a Tatra Sheepdog almost a day ago – but he would have taken half my apartment! And for my little ones it’s a paradise. Small dogs have such good energy – I can’t imagine my life without them anymore. Yes they filled this my full day …

Karolina Nowakowska – An actress known to viewers primarily as Olga from the series „M jak miłość”, a Polish champion in tap dancing.


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