Small and large dog in one house. Is this a good combination?

Small and large dog in one house. Is this a good combination?

Do small and big dogs have a chance to get along? Yes of course! The key is socialization. Every dog, even at a puppy age, should have contact with his friends. Properly conducted socialization enables better communication with other individuals. When choosing dogs, however, you also need to consider the breed and other aspects. What? We invite you to read!

A lady is thinking about hugging a small (up to 35 cm tall) dog. He already has one quadruped – a six-year Weimar pointer. He is neutered, friendly to other dogs, but he has a lot of drive – he often chases fast moving objects, including smaller dogs.

I have a big yard, a new dog and weimar, so they would not be doomed to their company only at home, but they would have a lot of space outside. Is taking a bitch a good idea in this situation?

Small and big dog

Sometimes a large difference in size or even appearance between animals makes dogs – especially hunting dogs – treat another dog as a game, not as a kinsman.

If the Weimar pointer already has established habits of chasing smaller dogs, you have to answer the question what happens when such a dog catches up. Does he stop chasing and lose interest? Or maybe it starts to play? Even though he caught up with him once, does he continue to do so by harassing the baby? Maybe he even starts to bite him?

Big and small dogs look at each other
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Depending on how he behaves, you can predict how he will treat the new little dog – at least at the beginning of the acquaintance, because later the situation will probably change. It should be remembered that the dog treats the animal with which it permanently lives differently, and the quadrupeds accidentally encountered on the walk differently.

The rule of choosing a company for a dog resident is this: a new pet should be of the opposite sex and have less energy. What can the guardian do? Familiarize the animals with each other, supervise their mutual relations and do not leave them alone until he is sure that nothing bad will happen to the baby.

Author: Jacek Gałuszka


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