Since when can my puppy eat dry food?

Since when can my puppy eat dry food?

Dog’s milk, which is the puppy’s first food, is rich in protein and fat. But it also contains many other ingredients that are extremely important for the development of a little dog. The milk includes, among others enzymes, hormones and antibodies. It is a perfect mix for the first weeks of life. But what then? When can a puppy eat something else?

What can a puppy eat up to 4 weeks of age?

The first month of life is the time when the little dog eats only mother’s milk. It contains everything a toddler needs to develop and grow up healthy. However, in order for the food it receives to be of high quality, it is necessary to take care of the dog’s food. A nursing female needs a feed that is high in high-quality protein and a lot of fat. It is wise to choose a high-meat food that does not contain unnecessary fillers such as grains. Why is it so important? You have to bear in mind that when feeding a bitch, we indirectly feed the puppies. The dog’s mum cannot miss anything! It is worth reaching for such food as e.g. Bozita without the addition of grains with elk, intended for pregnant and lactating bitches and puppies.

What can a puppy eat between 4 and 6 weeks of age?

When puppies turn one month old, they should start learning to eat something other than mother’s milk. Therefore, during these two weeks, solid food is gradually introduced into their diet. But beware – the key word in this case is „gradually”! This transition period is intended for feeding. It is by no means intended to replace milk, which is still the children’s main meal. Puppies only have to try something else and start learning how to eat solid foods. At this stage, you can feed a little wet food or dry but soaked and mashed food. It is important that the consistency of the meal is really moist, does not require chewing and does not cause the puppy any problems when swallowing.

What can a puppy eat between 6 and 8 weeks of age?

This period is called weaning. During this time, the amount of solid food that your little dog receives every day should be increased. Dry food can also be gradually soaked less and less and not crushed as much as before. Once the puppy is found to be able and willing to bite, there is no need to add water to the food, and it shouldn’t even be done to give him an opportunity to practice this skill. The key is to observe your puppy and make any changes carefully and calmly. At this stage, the dog should receive small portions of food 5-6 times a day.

What can a puppy eat after 8 weeks of age?

When a dog turns 8 weeks old, it may be transferred to its new home. Then – what is obvious – you will not drink mum’s milk at all, but only solid food intended for puppies. Such foods have pellets of the right size, so we do not have to worry that the puppy will not be able to chew on them. What is extremely important, for the first days the dog should receive exactly the same food that he received in the breeding. Rapid changes in the way of eating or the type of food can end in a gastric revolution! And in the case of such an immature digestive system, it is extremely dangerous. Therefore, for about 3 days, we should not make any changes. Then we can add a little new food, increasing the amount each day. About 10 days later, the bowl may only contain new food, of course for puppies. We feed a two-month-old dog 4-5 times a day.

What and how to feed a puppy?

The ideal puppy food is one that contains 25-30% protein. It is important that it also contains omega-3 and -6 acids. The proportions of calcium and phosphorus are also important. Calcium should be in the composition of 0.7-1.7%, and of phosphorus about 1%. The composition of food for dogs that will ultimately be large or belong to miniature breeds may differ slightly from each other, because the organisms of these animals have slightly different needs. A food that is perfect for large pets is, for example Bozita without the addition of grains with elk, intended for puppies and young dogs of large breeds.

You should also pay attention to the dosage. The packages of the food contain tables with the target puppy’s weight and the daily amount of food, which we divide into several meals. It is extremely important that the dog gets exactly what he needs – overfeeding is harmful!

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