Night maneuvers. Sleep with a dog or not?

    Night maneuvers. Sleep with a dog or not?

    Nearly midnight. I get up because I remembered that you have to hang the laundry. I’m coming back and what do I see? Curled up on the bed lies my friend Adelka’s yoreuszek, who is at home at guest performances at home, who is an excellent … hunter.

    Hunting her favorite place almost always succeeds, though she sleeps just in her booth. There is nothing else for me but to do a strange figure that allows you to enter the bed without being hit by it, and arrange itself against the wall.

    This is a good solution, because if the yoreczka decides to lie across the bed on its side or on the back (then it may fall as we do into the sleep phase called REM, and this is important for proper regeneration of the body), then I will remain curled up edge of the bed.

    York in bed
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    They are not ashamed, they are proud

    Who of the doggies did not solve similar situations? Americans conducted a study and found that half of the dog owners sleep in one bed with them. A guardian spends 62 percent in the bed of the night small dogs, 41% medium and 32 percent large.

    The discussion about whether to let a pet into bed or not resembles the discussion about the superiority of Christmas over Easter. Katarzyna Cichopek, when asked if she would forbid her son Adaś to sleep in the same bed with the dog, answered:

    Never in my life! I grew up with a dog myself and I know how cool it is. Contact with a pet teaches love, responsibility and sensitivity. Both of our dogs – the former, dachshund Punia, and the present, Mini – always slept in bed. We are not ashamed, on the contrary: we are proud of it! I will absolutely not forbid my child.

    I suspect, however, that this answer aroused emotions in opponents of this otherwise nice deal.

    They sleep longer

    Whether it is a labrador, pug or mongrel – each of them needs twice as much sleep as we do, 14-16 hours. And why are they so eager to jump into our beds? Not at all out of domination.

    In nature, dogs never sleep alone, because although they are predators, they have many dangerous, especially for puppies, enemies such as birds of prey: eagles and owls, other canidae and snakes. That is why lonely dogs sleep nervously and do not rest as well as those in close contact with other members of their social group – says British veterinarian and behaviorist Amber Batson.

    For and against sleeping with a dog in bed

    Neither sleeping nor sleeping in one bed with the dog should not be imposed on anyone. Everyone has their own arguments and has the right to them.

    We definitely say no

    • A toddler can be crushed
      Mikra chihuahua even in a big bed is injured if we have a good night’s sleep and do not control what is happening to us.
    • The allergist can’t cope
      The guardian who has been allergic to the dog’s skin and secretions will unfortunately have to evict him from bed.
    • Nervus snaps his teeth
      Sensitive, nervous pooches, which show teeth in case of any sudden movement of a person, should not sleep with their guardians because of them and their safety.

    We definitely say yes

    • We deepen the bond
      A close relationship with the family is a condition for the dog to maintain mental balance. A bond that is created through this helps to raise the pet and control his behavior.
    • We immunize children
      Sleeping a healthy baby with your own animals will make his immune system work better. In addition, allergies are less common in homes with dogs. And licking your face when sleeping together will not hurt either, because the dog’s saliva contains strong bactericidal substances.
    • We soothe the nerves
      I think we all know that there is no better medicine for improving your mood than a faithful dog. Hugging a four-legged friend while sleeping will calm your nerves and lower your blood pressure.
    Author: Magdalena Ciszewska


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