My dog ​​is still hungry! Here are 7 ways to get hungry

My dog ​​is still hungry! Here are 7 ways to get hungry

Do you have a hungry four-legged home? So probably you are not strangers to the scenes of greedily eating everything that stands in the way … Is your dog constantly hungry and looks like he has not eaten for a long time, and yet he just slipped his supper? Discover our ways of glutton!

1. Feed less, but more often

We usually feed healthy adult dogs twice a day. Some give the dog to eat only once a day, but this solution is usually not recommended. And what to do when dealing with starvation? The way to divide it is to divide your daily portion into at least three meals (or even four)! Then the dog has smaller intervals between portions and there is a chance that hunger will not get him. Well, not right away!

2. Remember diversity

Do you feed your dog only dry food? That’s good, but … remember to offer him something different from time to time. Let it be a bite made of cowhide, rabbit ear, canned wet food, fruit or vegetable. Varied nutrition will make the dog feel less like looking for treats on its own paw while walking.

3. Don’t let boredom

Have you heard of people who eat boredom and stress? Well, it also happens to dogs … They don’t have too many activities, so sniffing for food and asking for it becomes the only entertainment. Change it! Take your dog for longer walks, practice tricks and commands with him at home, look for new four-legged friends to play with. It will help!

4. Prepare your outdoor activities

Sometimes try to feed the dog outside, preparing for him various food surprises in the field. Sprinkle some food in the grass, smash pieces of sausage into the bushes, grease the tree bark. Let the dog look for it. Fun is guaranteed!

5. Take care of the attractions at home

When feeding your dog, make sure its meal lasts at least a few minutes. For this purpose, toys like kong (with food inside, which the dog must extract) will be used, but also olfactory mats or spherical balls.

6. Stop feeding

It may be that the dog is constantly vomiting for food because he has been taught this. And he got something from the fridge, under the table, and when preparing dinner … No more! Show your pet that he can only count on his food, and when he is having a family dinner, he should politely lie in his place. Does that mean you can’t give him anything? You can, but into his bowl.

7. Measure out portions

Or maybe your dog is still hungry because he gets too little food? Yes, it is possible, if you do not measure out portions, you just pour the eye food. Check the package, what is the daily dose for your pet, and stick to it.

Consultation: medicine. Vet. Dorota Cyprus
Author: Aleksandra Więcławska


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