My dog ​​is mad at me! Is it possible? –

    My dog ​​is mad at me! Is it possible? -

    Imagine if someone you get along with without problems every day suddenly becomes cold towards you. You are beginning to wonder if you accidentally did something that could offend him and make him angry. Sometimes interpreting other people’s emotions can be quite difficult. And especially when it comes to our four-legged friends. Do you ever wonder why your dog is mad at you? Is it even possible for the four-legged to be nervous or offended against us humans?

    Do dogs feel emotions?

    According to the dog trainer Linda Case, whether dogs experience emotions is not subject to any discussion:

    Dogs definitely experience basic emotions such as joy, fear or fear.

    What about anger? Can a dog really be upset? Yes. However, he is not angry with you in the way you imagine it. Dogs do not have the ability to assign a theme to emotions. So your pet may be upset, but it doesn’t carry an internal monologue with you that curses you. In addition, anger is not an emotion that dogs often experience – if at all. What we interpret as anger for them can really indicate frustration, fear, disappointment or irritation.

    In addition, dogs have been shown to feel and think like a 2.5-year-old child. We wrote more about dog emotions HERE.

    Why are the dogs angry?

    There are situations in which you will immediately recognize that your dog is annoyed. What’s more, you’ll know why. A small child who violates the animal’s private space too much and, for example, pulls it by the tail, will certainly cause irritation to the dog. Even the most patient four-legged one will end with patience. When a dog steals another favorite toy, it is an event that causes the object owner to react negatively. Dogs express their emotions when they experience them. So when dogs are really „bad”, you will immediately realize that this is the case and it will be easy to trace the cause.

    Most caregivers think their pet is angry with them when they have to go out and leave him alone at home. Perhaps when you get home, your dog will not want to make any contact with you or you will find a demolished house. Either way, the reason: „You left me. Now I will show you how angry you have made me „is not anger but boredom. The truth is also that it’s easier for us to say „the dog is angry with me” than to admit that a pet can’t cope with loneliness, and – what’s more – it causes him anxiety.

    Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation every day. If the caregiver does not provide this to his animal, destructive behavior resulting from boredom, frustration and accumulated energy may occur. Therefore, try to entertain your dog during your absence, and wisely take care of him before leaving and after returning.

    How do you know that a dog is angry with me?

    We already know that when it comes to pets, we can not literally interpret dog’s anger. And certainly we should not consider it in our categories. However, there are some signs that indicate that something is happening and that you should pay attention to. If your dog refuses to eat, is less physically active, shows signs of malaise, or if there are other changes that last several days or cause anxiety, you should consult your veterinarian. It seems to you that it is „angry with you” and can actually mask physical pain with its behavior.

    Many changes in dog behavior are caused by anxiety or anxiety. This means that there may be a stimulus around the animal that causes him to interpret behavior as anger.

    How can you make a dog not angry with me?

    If you are wondering how long your dog will ‚sneak at you’, we answer that as long as what irritates it takes place. Dogs live for the moment and, unlike humans, they don’t hold back. So if your pet is really mad at you, then stop doing something that annoys him. Or maybe it’s just a matter of your pet having a bad day? Provide him with basic needs, such as food, drink and a walk. Also make sure that the dog has your attention, a lot of love, sufficient physical activity and mental stimulation.

    We are curious how many times did your dog seem angry with you? And what was the reason?

    Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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