My dog ​​ate the onion! What to do? –

My dog ​​ate the onion! What to do? -

When you eat something or prepare something to eat in the kitchen, the dogs are at your side in the hope that something will fall right into their mouths. However, there are things that – despite their pleading eyes – should not be shared with dogs. Such a product is, among others onion. And what if the dog already ate the onion? How to save him?

Can dogs eat onions?

Many people add onions to dishes to improve their taste. However, it turns out that it is dangerous for the dog. Both raw and cooked. It can lead to poisoning, and in the worst cases even to the death of the animal. But why is it so harmful to dogs? Onions contain toxic substances that are activated in dogs in the digestive tract during digestion. What affects their body so badly are disulfides and phenolic compounds. If a dog weighs 10 kg, then only 50 g of eaten onion can cause intoxication symptoms! Disulfides have a negative effect on red blood cells in the animal’s body – they lead to their breakdown.

Symptoms of onion poisoning

The symptoms of onion poisoning that your dog experiences depend on the amount your pet has consumed. If the dog ate it regularly, but in small quantities, then poisoning can only be detected by laboratory tests, and the dog passes them asymptomatically. This does not mean, however, that nothing is happening. The animal then breaks down the red blood cells in the bone marrow, which leads to anemia.

If the dog develops severe onion poisoning, then we can see that his mucous membranes are pale or yellow. In addition, there is diarrhea, vomiting and lack of appetite typical of this type of cases, and a characteristic onion odor comes out of the mouth. There may also be a fever. Later, apathy, weakness and even depression are seen in the dog.

The dog ate the onion! What to do?

If you caught a greedy eater eating an onion, try to induce him to vomit (e.g. by giving water with a small amount of salt). It is important to do this up to two hours after ingestion before it is digested by the stomach. In this case, as well as if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, immediately go to your veterinarian with your pet.

Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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