Meteopathy in dogs. How does a sudden change in weather affect dogs?

Meteopathy in dogs. How does a sudden change in weather affect dogs?

People who are more sensitive to changing weather will surely associate autumn with unpleasant ailments. Sudden changes in pressure, an increase in air humidity and large temperature differences significantly affect not only well-being, but also the entire functioning of the body. Can dogs also be sensitive to such changes in the weather? How does meteopathy manifest itself in dogs and is there any way to help a dog suffering from it?

How does meteopathy manifest in dogs?

The organism of domestic pets is not that different from the human body. Therefore, we have every right to believe that they may be just as sensitive to weather changes as we are. In humans, meteopathy causes changes in pressure, difficulty concentrating, photosensitivity, as well as headaches and joint pain. Unfortunately, noticing such ailments in a pet is difficult, so they may go unnoticed. However, such sensations have a number of side effects that the caregiver is often unable to associate with weather changes. Less willingness to play, pronounced drowsiness and irritability are the most common symptoms of meteopathy in dogs.

Dogs that suffer from joint disease may have severe mobility problems and avoid strenuous exercise. It also happens that meteopathy in dogs causes an aversion to food – in humans, weather changes can exacerbate stomach problems. Brachycephalic breeds may also experience greater breathing problems than ever before.

Meteopathy in dogs – how to help your pet?

Careful observation of the quadruped and the weather will allow us to determine whether it suffers from meteopathy. If we struggle with this ailment ourselves, it will be easier for us to see when problems may arise. It is better for a dog suffering from meteopathy not to self-administer any medications. Many of them are toxic to dogs!

Dogs who seem tired, sleepy and irritable on a given day, it is best to provide peace and rest. On such days, it is worth giving up intensive walking or training. Calmly lying on the couch and gently stroking it will be a much better choice. If we have more than one pet at home, we should make sure that the poorer feeling worse is not exposed to the harassment of his canine siblings that day – irritation may cause less tolerance and even cause aggressive behavior. For pets suffering from joint pain, it is worth shortening their walks and providing a warm and comfortable place to sleep.

Diet for canine meteopathy

A properly balanced diet containing key ingredients for the neurological system can help reduce the effects of meteopathy. The food of a weather-sensitive pet should be easily digestible, rich in vitamins and minerals. The most important of these will be the B vitamins, found in meat, fish, nuts and bananas. It is also worth providing the pooch with the right dose of magnesium, which increases resistance to stress and regulates the work of the heart.

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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