Meeting of heavenly dogs –

Meeting of heavenly dogs -

Last weekend (August 20-21), the second Rally of Maltese took place in Sulejów. As the organizers of the rally say, this year there were over a hundred dogs, which is half as many as during the first edition of the event:

The Maltese Rally was founded on the initiative of the Facebook group „Maltese Poland”. This group currently has 4397 people, and its goal is not only to exchange experiences of Maltese owners, but also to charity activities focused on helping needy dogs belonging to our beloved breed.

Asked for the reason for choosing this race, the event organizers answer:

Some were looking for a dog that is the least allergic, does not lose hair, others a small, nice dog, gentle for children, others saw a picture of a dog of this breed somewhere and just fell in love.

No wonder, Maltese people were already appreciated by the ancient Romans, and in the Renaissance they became the favorites of ladies from the upper classes. They are long-lived and resistant animals, and they have beautiful white bristles.

The program of this year’s rally included workshops and seminars on hair handling and care, a competition for the longest dog braid, a dog fashion show and joint games for owners.

However, Maltese dogs are not only beautiful, but also smart dogs that are great for working with people. This was demonstrated by obedience shows by Monika Kowalska, the author of the blog and her bitches Fruzi and a show of dog tricks performed by Olga and Gere (

Miss and Mister of the rally were also elected.

TMister’s title was given to Felicze, an elderly Maltese, whose tough lives we followed on Facebook. Today, Felicze not only has a new home, but also has become a rally star – say the organizers.

However, the Maltese Rally is not only great fun. During the meeting, the cap collection final took place, which will be handed over to Przytulisko in Głowno, as well as collection of gifts for dogs living there and an auction for the treatment of ten-year-old Julka Kołodziej (, a small owner of a Maltese who fights a rare disease – Ramussen’s encephalitis, which causes paresis of one side of the body. Because looking after a Maltese is about more than just being able to show up with a small white dog – it is also a difficult to describe bond that connects all owners of dogs of this breed. AB


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