Learn 4 ways dogs de-stress us!

    Learn 4 ways dogs de-stress us!

    A recipe for stress? Dog company! Dog owners know very well that even a short contact with a pet is a source of pleasure and brings many benefits that have already been scientifically proven many times. Dogs de-stress us, calm us down, and also help to forget about everyday problems. How do quadrupeds have a positive effect on our well-being? Here are some examples!

    1. They control blood pressure

    Stress is related to increased heart rate. Any interaction with a dog – petting a pet, playing together or even watching it – lowers blood pressure. According to research, when playing with a pet, the level of serotonin and dopamine may increase, which calm and relax. This has a beneficial effect on our overall health. In this way, quadrupeds lower our levels of cortisol – the stress hormone.

    Dr. Alan M. Beck conducted an observation during which a group of subjects was asked to mentally perform arithmetic tasks. It turned out that people solving them in the company of dogs had lower blood pressure and heart rate levels than when solving them in the presence of their spouse.

    2. Encourage movement

    The dog has to go for a walk and do not treat it as an unpleasant duty, but rather as a motivation. After all, your laziness and excuses do not absolve you from fulfilling your duties towards the dog. After all, all this is also for the benefit of your health! Movement is one of the effective, natural ways to deal with stress. By taking your pet for a walk, your endorphin levels increase and your overall well-being improves. It’s no secret that doggies move more and are more active than those who don’t have animals.

    3. They protect against loneliness

    Loneliness is a common source of stress and depression. Caring for an animal can make you feel needed. Moreover, it will effectively distract your attention from any problems, especially if you live alone.

    Dogs help not only in making new friends, but also in keeping them. Taking a dog for a walk involves meeting other people. The company of the four-legged friend gives us the confidence that allows us to make the first move and start a conversation. There are many stories of lifelong friendships made or relationships that began thanks to a chance meeting while walking the dog. In addition, dog handlers have many opportunities to make various social contacts – at organized local park meetings, training sessions or events such as dog shows. Moreover, according to the study, nursing home residents feel less lonely when accompanied by dogs. And it’s only dogs! When they spent time with both dogs and other people, their well-being was not that good.

    4. They give reasons to be happy

    Dogs de-stress us because they are a source of joy. As emphasized by Dr. Alan M. Beck, „Laughter is another way to relieve stress, and the company of a dog keeps us laughing in excess.” Researchers from the Medical University of Japan have found that the main source of positive reactions in humans to dogs is oxytocin – the happiness hormone, the level of which increases even when we look at a pet’s eyes. This helps to reduce the accompanying anxiety and normalize the heart rate. In turn, a 2017 study found that people with AIDS who have a dog suffer less from depression. Do you need any more evidence that dogs are great?

    Article Learn 4 ways dogs de-stress us! comes from Everything You Need to Know About Dogs.


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