It’s a sandstone! Discover 5 dog breeds on your elbows

It's a sandstone! Discover 5 dog breeds on your elbows

Kanapowiec, energetic, small or maybe big – from so many breeds everyone can choose one that perfectly fits their lifestyle. Two ladies met the dogs on a walk. Their pets, Fredi and Elvis, were deceptively similar. It is hardly surprising, both represented the same race – chihuahua. The resemblance ended there. Fredi pulled his mistress and it was he who decided which way – or rather, which bushes – to go. Every dog, runner, biker barked with impetus and if it hadn’t been for the leash, he would have left traces of his teeth on them. Anyway, these teeth are reportedly felt by his mistress’s husband more than once. Łobuziak recognized, which does not mean that he listened, but her; every other person was an enemy. Elvis walked politely by the leg and, unleashed, returned on call. He was happy to show off tricks like: turn around, the dog died. He knew that praise and delicacy awaited him.

Why such character differences? Sweet Fredi was allowed anything, he was never taught obedience, because, as his mistress thought, such a small dog does not need to be brought up. Equally sweet, Elvis was treated from a puppy as if he were a large dog. His mistress knew that educational work with a small pooches was as important as with his big kinsman. Small dogs who love being on their knees are mostly energetic creatures, curious about the world. Treating them as mascots, and thus reluctance to put them and enforce the normal requirements necessary in dog-guardian relations, only causes trouble. Havanese, Maltese, chihuahua and many others like them are companion breeds. But not only on your knees. Therefore, for both man and animal to live in friendship and enjoy being together, these charming creatures must be treated as real dogs.

Kanapowiec No. 1! Chihuahua

Joyful, spontaneous, it’s full of everywhere. Considered the smallest dog in the world. It comes in two varieties: short-haired and long-haired. Confident, alert, fierce in his own way, he can not only bark at the intruder, but also jump to a larger dog unaware of his size. It can live with another dog, but it is better that it was an individual of a similar size or a gentle breed.

He likes to learn, although working with him requires tact, because he is extremely sensitive. Staring at his guardian, he doesn’t step back, usually also friendly to others. He loves to sit on his lap and ignored, caresses for caresses. He will be a good friend for the elderly and also for older children. However, it is not suitable for young people who may accidentally hurt him.

  • Size: very small dog, 1.5-3 kg, 0.5-1.5 kg allowed
  • Ointment: all colors of coat
  • Length of life: 12-15 years
  • Maintenance costs: PLN 50-60 per month
  • Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: 1800-4000 PLN
  • Country of origin: Mexico

Kanapowiec No. 2! Maltese

One of the oldest breeds, its history dates back to three thousand years! The perfect dog for companionship, surprisingly energetic. He enjoys long active walks, loves playing, especially with slightly older children. It requires careful upbringing, otherwise it will come to mind guardians. It is long-lived, and retains its joyful nature until old age. Nice for people and animals.

Maltese sofa
photo: Shutterstock

This is one of the biggest pets, willingly hug both on his knees and under the quilt in bed. He should be with the household as much as possible – the lonely loses the joy of life. His coat requires regular combing or haircutting; if issued, expensive care treatments await the caregiver. The advantage is that it doesn’t moult. The disadvantage is that some bark at guests, but also for cyclists, runners and other dogs.

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  • Size: small dog, 20-25 cm
  • Ointment: snow white
  • Length of life: 15-20 years
  • Maintenance costs: PLN 60-100 per month
  • Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: 1800-3000 PLN
  • Country of origin: Italy

Kanapowiec No. 3! Tibetan Spaniel

A spaniel coming from Tibet with other spaniels only connect dejected ears and longer hair, because it is a small companion dog similar to Pekingese. He feels good in a pack with other dogs, especially of the same breed. Intelligent, learns easily, is obedient, but always evaluates whether it is worth following the instruction. Quite independent, disposed like a cat.

He is not very effusive, but he is strongly attached to man and is fond of petting, only on his own terms. Distrustful of strangers, with a strong guarding instinct; when something disturbs him, he signals it with a loud bark. Cheerful by nature, likes long walks and is very durable. Perfect for agility. The robe does not require special care. Immune, rarely gets sick and usually lives long.

  • Size: small dog, approx. 25 cm
  • Weight up to 8 kg
  • Ointment: all ointments are allowed
  • Length of life: 15-18 years old
  • Maintenance costs: PLN 60-70 per month
  • Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: 2000-4000 PLN
  • Country of origin: Tibet

Kanapowiec No. 4! Havanese

Cheerful small dog on short legs. He loves playing with children, he also needs constant contact with his family. Usually he stays where the guardian, demanding interest and caresses. Completely devoid of aggression, at home he will accept other animals, while strangers will greet friendships. His upbringing is not difficult, because he is an extremely intelligent dog. However, it requires firmness, but also a gentle approach.

Havanese sandwich
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He likes to show off tricks as long as he is noticed. A good watchman will make a lot of noise when something suspicious happens. It is suitable for single people and for families with children, it is only important that they are quite active people, because he loves long walks and fun. It is resistant, it does not suffer from more serious diseases. His robe requires regular brushing.

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  • Size: small dog, 23-27 cm long
  • Ointment: fawn, black, havana (brown-red color of cigars), tobacco, reddish brown, white, black, white with patches in the listed colors
  • Length of life: 14-15 years
  • Maintenance costs: approx. PLN 100 per month
  • Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: approx. PLN 3,000
  • Country of origin: Kuba

Kanapowiec No. 5! Chinese Crested Dog

A gentle and cheerful companion dog. Once used to heat sick beds in the treatment of e.g. rheumatic changes. Occurs in the nude and hairy variety. Hairless individuals are more sensitive to cold, and in summer to sunburns – they need to be lubricated with creams with a UV filter. He is a devoted householder, effusive in showing affection and constantly demanding caresses.

Unhappy when he is alone. He loves playing with children of all ages. He is smart, easy to learn and has excellent memory, but requires gentle treatment. In a noisy house, it will become noisy by itself. It does not lose hair and usually does not cause allergies. Tolerant, with a strong herd instinct – he willingly shares the house with other animals. Suitable for both the elderly and families with children.

Size: small dog, 23-33 cm long
Ointment: all ointments are allowed
Length of life: 12-15 years
Maintenance costs: PLN 80-100 per month
Price for a dog with FCI pedigree: naked PLN 1500–2500 PLN, hairy PLN 1000-2000
Country of origin: China

Author: Paulina Król


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