It will be useful to you! Dog chews – which ones are the best?

It will be useful to you! Dog chews - which ones are the best?

Biting is a very important activity for dogs of all ages. Chewing, licking, memming in the mouth of various things (not necessarily edible) is stress-relieving, allows the dog to unload emotions and kill boredom. This is why dogs bite furniture or shoes most often when they are alone at home. However, losses can be avoided by offering dogs something that is biting. What could it be? Find out which dog chews are the best!

Teethers to eat

It’s good to stock up on several edible teethers and have them always at home. They will come in handy when we do not have time to take the dog for a long walk, and he is obviously bored, or when we leave the house and the pet is left alone. Dried beef or pork ears, masseter, trachea or penis will fulfill their role, but they are very caloric, so do not give them too often. It’s definitely better to reach for deer antlers or buffalo horn – eating these delicacies will take your dog several months, so these are real teethers. In addition, they are even suitable for obese dogs.

Toy teethers

Many quadrupeds like to bite sticks, but it’s better not to let them, because sharp splinters can damage the palate. Instead, it’s worth buying your pet a special biting root – these are months of fun! In addition, quadrupeds like to memorize cords and teethers made of hard rubber – we especially recommend toys made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR). But there are also dogs that chew old socks … And that’s ok too! We can easily tie a few socks into a string and … it’s ready!

Dog chews – 3 things you should know about them

Kong – it’s a rubber, hollow cone. We fill it with wet or dry food, white cheese, pate, minced meat. The dog has something to bite and lick for a long time!

Apple and carrot – they are cheap, easily available, and in addition low-calorie and lots of dogs love them. Although they won’t take your pet too long, it’s worth proposing them from time to time.

Teethers – is one of the simpler methods of caring for canine fangs. It is worth choosing teethers that have confirmed clinical effect. Let’s serve them regularly, subtracting some food from the daily portion – because it’s always extra calories!

Plush toys

Some dogs tear them apart, others just chew and carry them in their mouths. If your pet belongs to the second group, give him a cuddle. Lumpexes offer a large selection of inexpensive toys.

Deer antlers

An absolute hit of recent years. Although the antlers are not cheap, it lasts long, so this investment pays off. It is a good idea to flush them with boiling water from time to time to kill the bacteria.

Author: Aleksandra Więcławska


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