Is your dog 7 years old? Be sure to take care of his health!

Is your dog 7 years old? Be sure to take care of his health!

7 years is a very important age for a dog. The progressive aging processes mean that he is slowly becoming a dog’s senior. Pets at this age can still burst with energy, have a great desire to play and take long walks, but their bodies are beginning to need special treatment. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can slow down the aging processes of your pet and make it keep its puppy joy for a long time!

Take care of a healthy diet

Every pet needs high-quality food. It is no different with dogs that are 7 years old! However, the needs of older dogs are slightly different than that of adult quadrupeds. They become more prone to a variety of diseases, gain weight more easily, and often lose muscle mass. Therefore, when caring for an older pooch, we must remember to take special care of their line and not forget about health-promoting dietary supplements. Reducing the ration of food and supplementing it with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants can slow down the development of many ailments related to advanced age. One should also not forget about the protein that is the building block of muscles. Healthy older dogs may need even slightly more than growing dogs! Therefore, when choosing food for a senior dog, we should consider the highest quality products containing easily digestible protein. The home diet can be supplemented with a raw egg, replacing some carbohydrates with it.

Don’t quit being active

Physical activity and various exercises are the key to keeping your pet in good condition until old age! Many older dogs will not be as energetic as their younger friends, but they still need long and attractive walks. Fun and activities for dogs over 7 years old should be primarily adapted to the capabilities of the quadruped, and their most important goal is to prevent muscle atrophy, which is extremely frequent in older dogs. Any massages and swimming that engages the muscles of the pet without straining its joints are also perfect.

Engage the canine mind

A variety of mental tasks are excellent activities for older dogs. Not only are they not physically demanding and are a great entertainment that can replace running after the ball. They can also delay the onset of canine dementia. Dogs older than 7 years old should be taught new, simple tricks or enrolled in rhinoceros classes. They can also be taken for walks with a group of dog friends – interacting with other, friendly pets is also a great exercise for the mind!

Convenience above all

If you notice that your older pooch begins to limp, cannot find a comfortable place to sleep or is unusually fidgeting on the bedding, do not blame it on simple old age! Joint diseases can cause a pet great pain and make it lose the desire for any activity. Take him to a dog’s orthopedist for examination, buy a comfortable bedding, and if necessary, enrich his meals with good joint supplements. It is also worth making it easier for dogs over 7 years old sleeping on the bed to climb the platform by placing stairs or a ramp next to the couch.

Check your health frequently

Regular visits to the vet are essential! The older pooch should undergo health checks at least every six months. It is worth having blood tests that will help detect various diseases and prevent their further development. In dogs older than 7 years, the condition of teeth, heart and internal organs should also be regularly checked. Remember – many diseases go unnoticed for a long time, and their clear symptoms often appear only when the ailment is really serious!

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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