In the world of puppies. How to teach a puppy to sleep in his lair?

In the world of puppies. How to teach a puppy to sleep in his lair?

Puppy at home is a lot of joy, but also duties for many years. A small downy ball is a new and real challenge for you. In addition to spoiling your new household member, you must ensure proper socialization, development and upbringing.

Foam asylum

  • How to teach a puppy to sleep in his own lair, and not on our bed, for example?

We can prepare the bed for the puppy anywhere, but not in isolation (garage, basement) or in the communication route. In order for our dog to like his place, from the beginning he should be encouraged to stay on it by playing on the bed, serving delicacies or placing a bowl of food nearby.

He should never be sent there as a punishment. He should feel his best on his bed, that’s why we give him treats and new toys right there.

Let’s not torment the dog in the lair with excess tenderness – let’s give him a little holy peace when he sleeps or rests. Most importantly, make him feel safe there.

The puppy pulls on a leash
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Leash first

  • The first outings with a puppy often end up – instead of dealing with physiological needs – by pulling on a leash. How to deal with this?

First, get the puppy used to walking on a leash in the apartment. We will achieve this by leading him around the room and encouraging us to follow us with a treat or a toy. Only after a few days of such exercises can we be tempted to the first real walk, for which we also take delicacies with us.

Let’s remember that settling outside is a real problem for a puppy. Few dare to leave their mark on the area previously marked by adult quadrupeds. It is as if he was entering their territory without permission.

Therefore, if he succeeds, let’s not forget praise. The worst is when the puppy is not yet able to walk on a leash, and this is imposed by the stress of dealing with it in a foreign area. Therefore, do not try to achieve everything at once. First, let’s teach a dog to walk on a leash, and over time he will get used to doing outside. Under no circumstances should he be disciplined for dirtying in the apartment. In this way, we can only achieve that the dog will be afraid to deal with us also outside.

Hiccups puppy-hiccups

  • Where does the puppy hiccups come from? Is this a cause for concern?

The most common cause of hiccups in puppies is that greedy eaters and swallow air. The full tummy of the animal irritates the diaphragm and hiccups appear. Another common reason is worming. Another one is a swallowed foreign body.

Hiccups can also occur as a result of chilling the body, eating too hot or cold meals, swallowing uncooked food, or eating dry food without drinking water. In older dogs, recurrent hiccups can be a symptom of abdominal and chest disorders.

However, if the puppy has hiccups occasionally and we want to relieve our four-legged friend, we can give him sugar (1-2 teaspoons depending on the size of the dog).

Small puppies are running on the grass
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Puppy – traffic rules

  • Can a puppy ask at will?

Puppies love outdoor activities. Remember, however, that during growth – especially in large breeds prone to hip dysplasia – it should be controlled. The optimal solution are three walks a day lasting 20-30 minutes. You should also make sure that the puppy does not jump, especially high up (therefore it cannot jump over obstacles in agility without lowering them) and does not make too rapid turns on the run.

Because of the joints, you also need to maintain the correct weight of your pet. Dogs who weighed more than their siblings at the age of three months much more often develop dysplasia or have more advanced changes than lighter puppies from the same litter. In turn, reducing the caloric content of the puppy’s diet by 25% can – despite existing genetic defects – help the proper development of the hip joints.

Authors: Adam Zaremba-Czereyski, Artur Dobrzyński


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