In the city or in the countryside – where dogs live better?

    In the city or in the countryside - where dogs live better?

    We often associate dog life in the countryside with chain, sleeping in a kennel or life spent only in the garden. A nightmare, right? However, not every pooch in the countryside has a bad time! A huge part of the four-legged friends are home pets that sleep on the couch and go for long walks into the woods or run on the meadow. Are urban dogs really better off living? Check what the latest research says about pooches’ quality of life!

    Stressful city life

    It has long been known that life in a loud, crowded city can negatively affect human health. People living in cities suffer from cardiovascular disease more often. They also have more breathing problems than people who spend most of their lives in a more natural environment. It turns out that the place of residence has a huge impact also on our psyche! Studies have shown that city dwellers are more susceptible to anxiety-related problems, are more likely to have mood disorders and cope with anger less well. No wonder – the constant noise and street lights are always on, which means that we won’t sleep as well in the city as in the countryside! Does the place of residence have the same effect on the quadrupeds living with us?

    Which dogs live better
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    Where does anxiety in dogs come from?

    A group of researchers from the University of Helsinki decided to check which dogs are more prone to anxiety disorders. They collected information on over 6,000 dogs from around the world using a survey available on Facebook. They showed fear of other dogs or strangers. The questions concerned not only anxiety behavior, but also the breed, size, age, past of the dog and his living conditions. After analyzing the data, it turned out that the likelihood of anxiety disorders is higher in sterilized bitches, small breeds and improperly socialized for four-legged puppies. The results also clearly showed that the occurrence of anxiety in a pet is greatly influenced by his place of residence! Scientists have found that there are definitely more dogs with anxiety disorders in more urbanized areas than outside the city …

    Which dogs live better?

    A study by Helsinki researchers shows that dogs living in cities are more often afraid of other dogs and strangers. A smaller sense of security in everyday life significantly worsens the comfort of living quadrupeds. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of research that would show clearly which urban factors influence the behavior of pets. But also where do the differences in the well-being of urban and rural dogs come from? Researchers speculate, however, that our four-legged pupils are just as susceptible to noise, urban toxins and stress associated with living in cramped buildings as we do. They also stress that excess stimuli such as sudden, loud sounds can increase dogs’ susceptibility to anxiety disorders and other behavioral problems.

    How to improve the quality of urban dog life?

    Not every dog ​​guardian has the opportunity to move outside of the city with their pupils. However, even without changing your place of residence, you can help your pet to relax from the hustle and bustle! Frequent taking him for walks in a quiet, secluded area is a great way to give your dog a vacation from stress. And resetting his affected brain. In addition, it is also good to plan even weekend getaways in the countryside or in a tent. Really worth!

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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