How to wean a dog from sleeping in bed? –

How to wean a dog from sleeping in bed? -

Apparently, dog owners are divided into two types: those who sleep with the dogs and admit it, and those who sleep with them, but they deny it. Of course, this is a humorous approach, because whether a dog sleeps with us in bed depends on many factors. Check how to wean a dog from sleeping in bed and when it’s worth doing it!

When should a dog not sleep in bed?

There are at least a few such situations. First of all, when the person sleeping in this bed is allergic. Then it’s best to ask the dog out of the bedroom at all, but it also depends on the intensity of the symptoms. Sometimes guardians just don’t want a dog to sleep with them because, for example, they feel that they don’t have enough space – that’s also a good reason. Scientists say the dog should not sleep in one bed with people suffering from sleep disorders, especially insomnia – this can lead to problems falling asleep or waking up more often. I would add: like a sleeping partner in bed.

Sometimes it is the behavior of the dog that prevents him from considering the bed as his bedding. If you can’t enforce bed orders, just don’t let a dog on them. If your dog is guarding and guarding the bed, snarling at household members – he should also not spend time on it. Some dogs, especially after passing through or with neurological disorders, suddenly awake at night may reflexively mark the attack and try to catch a man with his teeth. And it is difficult not to knock while sleeping a dog that is sleeping right next to us. For the comfort of both sides, it is worth teaching the quadruped to sleep at home.

How to wean a dog from sleeping in bed?

It is not easy, but there are several methods that will help your dog endure moving out of a shared bed. Check how to wean a dog from sleeping in bed.

1. Isolation

The mechanically easiest method is simply to prohibit the dog from using the bedroom. In this situation, you can close the door so that the dog does not enter the room, or mount a special gate in it, if your dog does not jump over it. Remember to prepare a quiet, safe corner at another place in the house at the same time.

2. Work with prizes

Teach your dog the „go down” and „don’t go” commands, rewarding him vigorously for performance. Remember to point the dog at the beginning to what it is supposed to do – it does not understand the meaning of the words. Familiarize yourself with the principles of reasonable reward in advance so that you don’t cause more problems than good. At the same time, give your dog access to the bedroom only if you can respond to an attempt to jump onto the bed.

3. Getting used to sending

If you do not want to get the dog out of the bedroom, offer him an alternative bed, for example near the bed. Encourage him to rest on it, teach in addition to the above commands „in place”.

4. Consider the kennel

Some dogs do not feel comfortable in the open space of the lair. Instead, you can invest in a transporter, material or metal kennel cage and create a quiet, safe corner for your dog. Do not enclose it in it, if there is no need – and earlier associate it as a place where the dog will feel comfortable.

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