How to transport a dog to a new home the safest way?

How to transport a dog to a new home the safest way?

Traveling home from a farm or shelter is the beginning of your life together. However, for a quadruped, such an event can be traumatic or even dangerous if we do not prepare properly for it! How to transport a dog to a new home so as not to stress the pet unnecessarily and to avoid an accident?

How to transport a dog to a new home?

Driving a car with a poocle, which we know well, is relatively safe and simple. The caretaker usually knows well where in the car his pupil feels best – whether he prefers to ride in the transporter, in the trunk, or strapped in the back seat. However, when bringing a pet to the house that came to us with us for the first time, we do not always know what to expect. Here are some rules to keep in mind if you want to safely transport your dog to a new home.

transport the dog to a new home
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Puppy from breeding and dog from shelter

The safest way to transport a pooch varies a little depending on what kind of pet you take to your new home. A confident, well-groomed puppy from a good breeding will need different conditions than a scared pooch after crossing.

General rules

  • Don’t leave your dog alone in the car! If left unattended, the quadruped can do a good job to you in the car. But not only! The doggy, who suddenly stayed alone in a completely unknown place, can panic, hurt himself and develop a strong trauma, which you will have to fight for a long time. That way, it’s not worth starting your relationship.
  • Be careful not to distract you! Traveling with a new dog home is also exciting for the guardian. However, constantly looking at the pooch, stroking him with one hand and entertaining while driving a car can end up in a tragic accident.
  • Take care of help! Regardless of whether you are taking a puppy home or a dog from a shelter, the company of the other person will be useful to you. She can watch the animal during the trip and stroke him calmly, and in the event of an escape or accident help you secure your pet. He will also stay with the pooch when you have to use the toilet when you stop or refuel your car.
  • Don’t take a second dog with you! If you have a second pooch at home, don’t take him with you on this journey. Two quadrupeds that do not know each other very well (or not at all) may not feel comfortable with each other in such a tight space. For your new dog, the journey itself is stressful – don’t worry about being a foreign animal.

How to bring a dog safely from the shelter?

Some shelters or foundations help transport your pupils, but you will most likely have to transport your dog to your new home. Even if you had the opportunity to get acquainted with the pooch earlier and start a relationship with him, you must remember that this pooch does not fully trust you yet. A large part of the fearful and traumatized quadrupeds very badly bear the sudden placement in a foreign, cramped space with an unknown person. Such dogs will try at all costs to get out of the car, and even feeling threatened, they can bite in self-defense. Therefore, adoption dogs, regardless of their behavior prior to travel, should be transported in a well-secured plastic or metal transporter.

transport the dog to a new home
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Thanks to the safe closing of the dog during transport, you will avoid escaping through the open door of the car, ajar trunk or even an open window. This way, you won’t risk running your quadruped when you get off the house – you can take the transporter with your dog home and only then release the pet in a safe place. This way of transporting a pooch will also protect your car, if scared by the situation quadrupeds take care of themselves or start to vomit. If this happens – do not panic and do not remove the dog from the transporter to clean up. Try not to let the dog out of the car at all, even during stops. A quadruped who runs away at a gas station or a busy street can die under the wheels or run blue and don’t come back. Focus on getting to your destination as quickly and safely as possible!

How to bring a puppy safely from a kennel?

A puppy from a good breeding should not be shy or aggressive. He should not run away from you at the first opportunity, panic or try to free himself from the collar at all costs. Therefore, to transport such a pooch a transporter will not be compulsory, although of course it is still the safest way to transport a quadruped. However, some puppies will feel much better lying on the lap of a companion. The closeness of man will give such dogs a great sense of security and make them more relaxed than locked in a transporter. When transporting a puppy, never unfasten the leash. It should be constantly held by a second person, which will limit the dog’s movement on the car and get off safely. If we are not afraid that our little pet will catch an infectious disease, we can let him out of the car when he is stationary. Of course, on a leash and in well-chosen suspenders, as well as in a quiet place, away from the busy street. Never on the side of the expressway.

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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