How to strengthen the bond with the dog? 5 reliable ways!

    How to strengthen the bond with the dog? 5 reliable ways!

    Lots of dog keepers dream of a devoted, loving dog that does not leave a person even a step … Although this vision seems tempting, it is good to find a middle ground. Develop a relationship with your pet that allows you to stay in touch but also gives you freedom. What does it mean? Let’s imagine that we are going to the meadow with the dog, we unleash him and he can run and smell everything at will. However, when we call him, the dog will immediately be with us, even when we do not have a lot of treats with us. He will do it because he just loves working with us. Do you know what this is about? Find out 5 ways to strengthen the bond with the dog and achieve such an effect!

    1. Give your dog freedom to walk

    Walking with a dog on a short leash does not give the pet pleasure, because it limits its space. Yes, it can then meet physiological needs and move the joints a bit. But the dog, to be happy, should have a completely different walk – adapted to his rhythm. The pace of human walking and the way we move – quickly and without stopping – most dogs do not like.

    Freedom to walk can be given to any dog. The one we can unleash is easiest. All you need to do is pay attention to what areas he prefers, change places of walks and sometimes follow him, although we planned to go in a completely different direction. Let the dog that we are afraid to release let us be controlled – on a long, at least five-meter long line. Let’s stop at every bush where a pet wants to stop. Let him guide the walk. He will definitely appreciate it and in his eyes we will gain a lot!

    2. Take care of the contents of the bowl

    Through the stomach to the heart – this principle also works for dogs. But it’s not about giving the dog as much food as possible or sharing his dinner – nothing! Choose the highest quality complete food that will provide your dog with all the ingredients he needs. Make sure you give your pet food adapted to his age and activity level (overweight dogs should eat „light” products) as well as in the right amount. Manufacturers provide on packaging information how much food a dog should receive at a specific weight – it is worth sticking to these recommendations and not feeding the dog by eye.

    High quality karma will be appreciated by any pooch, that’s for sure. Good nutrition also means a reduced risk of various diseases and ailments – every pooch will be happy if he can visit the vet as seldom as possible. Added to this is the issue of palatability – dogs love consistency and smell wet foodthat will satisfy even the greatest gourmets. Therefore, if you are wondering how to strengthen the bond with the dog, reach for high-quality cans with wet food.

    3. Have fun with the dog

    Having fun together is always a great idea to spend time. It doesn’t have to last long, but it’s important to play with the pooch every day, even 10 minutes. Like walking, playing with people shows a dog that a guardian is someone interesting, who is worth spending time with and whom you can trust. Just what to play and what not?

    We do not recommend throwing sticks at dogs, because they can simply hurt the animal. Playing with the ball is a good pastime, but for a moment. Continuous casting confuses the dog and further increases the level of stress. What should you do to make the dog notice that man is an important participant in the game? You can drag with a rope or a jerk. Dogs also love to look for their favorite toy – even a plush one – which the guardian has hidden somewhere (at home or outdoors). And finally they love to learn too! So learning new commands, richly rewarded, is also a great entertainment for the dog, which additionally binds the dog with man.

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    4. Ensure relaxation for the dog

    It is important that after all physical activities, such as a long walk or intense play, the dog should calm down. Why? The doggy, enthusiastic about running, jumping, jerking, may have a problem with getting back to bed when he returns home. This is especially true for young dogs. You have to help them in this, encouraging them to relax. How to do it?

    Biting, chewing and licking are a natural way to calm your dog down. That is why behaviorists and trainers put great emphasis on ensuring that every pooch has the opportunity to devote himself to these peaceful activities every day. It is worth suggesting various types of „soothing” to the dog. Natural teethers, such as masseurs, ears and head may be given. But you can also reach for successfully wet karma, which is ideal for filling the congas, smearing it with ice cube molds, muffin baking trays or a slow-down bowl. Especially if our dog eats wet food every day, it is worth serving the dog a meal in such an attractive way. He will be delighted!

    5. Reward your dog with what he loves

    How else can you strengthen your bond with your dog? Of course giving him rewards! The most effective method of raising a dog and establishing a good relationship with him is a positive method. It means ignoring undesirable behaviors and rewarding those that we want to strengthen the dog. Doggy will be happy to repeat something for which he was awarded – it’s easy. We reward the dog both at home – e.g. for politely staying in another room when he was instructed – and outside, e.g. when he came on call. Now you probably wonder what to reward – we answer!

    For simplicity, it could be said that dogs are divided into two groups – toy and food lovers. The dogs from the first group will be lucky when we reward them with a moment of fun with us – e.g. Quadrupeds from this second group will enjoy attractive food. In this case, it is worth reaching for something aromatic – wet food for this purpose, really served in a small amount, literally for one bite. In order to be able to reward a dog with a walk in a practical way, you can buy a travel container for an airplane, designed for hand cream – choose a tube-shaped one. We can easily put soft canned food into it, and then squeeze a small amount so that the pooch can lick his prize directly from the packaging. Such a tube is of course reusable, so it works well on many walks.

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