How to make a friend with a boy? Proven ways!

    How to make a friend with a boy? Proven ways!

    Life changes are always a problem for dogs – our pets are conservatives who like established rules and rituals. What to say about the situation in which our emotional life changes, and someone else is trying to get into the little world of the lady and her dog … So the new boy will always be under close supervision, at least at the beginning. How to make a friend with a boy?

    It’s best if she likes animals and is tactful enough not to interfere too much in the relationship between you and her dog. In this case, the quadruped will quickly accept a new friend. To make it even easier for him, it is worth adhering to the „golden mean” principle: not to weaken the relationship with the animal abruptly (because all the attention is beloved by our beloved), but not to allow him everything just because we are tormented by guilt for changes in dog life. In the first case, the dog may feel rejected and react to it with various undesirable behaviors, in the second case – too much chaos. The appearance of a master in the life of a pet can be beneficial, it can mean more walks and games. However, this is what our pet needs to find out.

    When a boy is jealous

    Most men quite quickly accept their chosen dogs, even if they have previously pledged that only shepherds count for them. When it comes to their own girlfriend’s pet, they make an exception to their rules. Worse, if the chosen one turns out to be a jealous person who will be irritated by our strong emotional bond with the dog. Although this is a different sphere of feelings and a different relationship, some men do not like the fact that they have to „share” a little with their girlfriend’s interest. They can then give us comments about spoiling our pet or try to set their own rules („you go on these walks too long”, „the dog’s place is in the hall!”).

    Of course, you can then talk to your loved one about it. It is important that she be calm and as emotionless as possible. Otherwise, the boy will come to the conclusion that a brawl broke out … by a spoiled dog. Make your fiancé aware that we require certain behaviors from the dog, and we don’t accept others, and ask him to adapt to it.

    How to make him a doggie

    Dog lovers generally cope well with their beloved’s newly met pet. They know how to get the dog’s positive feelings. Well, our boy can know dogs better than we can – and try to meddle in his upbringing. If the dog reacts well to it, then why not?

    It also happens that we bond with people who have never encountered dogs for a long time. Then we have to play the case so that our beloved thinks that he missed the dog all his life, but … he didn’t know it! For this to happen, you will need to watch your pet – because it would be difficult to convince a boy that having a dog is the same luck, mending the torn leg of his pants or sticking the bitten phone cover.

    When he is afraid of dogs

    The hardest part is meeting someone who is afraid of dogs. Do not try to force him to convince him that dogs are cool and harmless. Let’s not force him to contact our pet if he doesn’t feel like it. Let’s ask him what situations he could possibly find with the dog in one room, so that it would not be a great discomfort for him, and let’s try to arrange it. The condition of success is, however, having a raised quadruped. If he is insubordinate, he is crazy too much, he does not listen to us or, worse, he tries to bite – do not expose his beloved to such stress. Let’s talk about the possibilities of professional therapy for him and let’s look for a good trainer for our dog.

    My dog ​​prefers my boyfriend!

    It is usually easier for a man to become an authority for a dog. By nature, she has a lower and generally louder voice than a woman, is physically more efficient, and exudes greater confidence. This is enough to make the dog instinctive to follow such a person. Women usually have to work it out. That is why it may happen that we suddenly discover that our dog somehow clings to our man too much … I try, take a walk, give a bowl, and my Maks, whenever he can, spends time with his master?

    No worries! Our boy is flattered and we will easily regain the advantage by offering the dog a little more interest and giving some tasks to do. The most attractive guardian is one that distracts boredom, so we will quickly return to the favor of our pet, changing the daily ritual of walking a bit – maybe a new route? Or playing hide and seek items along the way? And in bad weather – some olfactory work at home? And let’s have fun in three!

    How to make a friend with a boy? Nothing by force!

    Don’t allow scuffling

    Don’t allow the „strength sports” that gentlemen often fund pets by pushing with them. The dog can be possessed by strong emotions and innocent fun will become an opportunity for confrontation.

    Do not try too hard

    For example, if you have a Yorker, don’t force the boy to leave the dog wearing a pink outfit when his friends are standing in front of the house. This may prove to be too much of a challenge for him …

    Have your secrets with your dog

    If you want to make friends with your boyfriend, don’t tell your loved one your pet secrets. If you had to give your dog a portion of meat intended for a romantic dinner, because you ran out of food, and it was late – don’t mention it, just make some delicious vegan dish!

    Author: Paulina Łukaszewska


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