How to improve your dog’s well-being? Here are 12 ways!

    How to improve your dog's well-being? Here are 12 ways!

    Dogs, like us, can also experience different emotions. You really have a big influence on your dog’s mood. If you do not pay enough attention to him and do not provide any positive stimuli, then the animal will be depressed. Learn how to improve your dog’s well-being. Here are the reliable ways!

    1. Have fun with him

    Nothing will improve your dog’s mood like playing with you. Throw him the ball, pull the rope with him, chase around the table!

    2. Buy a delicious teether

    Biting him will take the dog for longer and help him de-stress. In addition, the animal must work hard with it. The teether should not, however, be too small, because it will not fulfill this role and the dog may choke. For example, dried ears, beef head, deer antlers are good.

    3. Make a simple toy

    You don’t have to buy toys. Tie two knots at the ends of the old towel – and you have a string to pull. Put some dry food into the plastic bottle – it will be a ball of homemade flavor. Sew a few pockets on a piece of material and put treats in them – and the olfactory mat is ready!

    4. Buy the right food

    If it’s depressed, maybe it’s lacking vitamins? Or he needs more calorie karma – or less if he is fat and it is difficult for him to move. Whether to change karma – and for which one – the best advice is given by a veterinarian.

    5. Bake dog cookies

    Recipes can be found HERE. You will be guaranteed to be healthy, natural, and preservatives free. You can also use your own baked cookies as rewards when teaching your pet obedience and various tricks.

    6. Take a walk to a new place

    How to improve your dog’s well-being? Take him for a walk to a new place! The dog is still bored of the same nearby park. Surprise him and lead him elsewhere. An attraction for the dog will be all places where he can run freely and where there are a lot of smells. He will be interested not only in another park, but also in the alleys in the neighboring housing estate, near a shop or parking lot – because it smells like other dogs and lots of people.

    7. Plan your vacation with your pet

    Has your dog always stayed at home in the summer under the care of other people? This year, plan your vacation in a place where he can go with you! It’s not difficult at all – many resorts and hotels accept pets, either for free or for a fee.

    8. Check what’s wrong with him

    If your dog does not feel like having fun or walking, be sure to take him to the vet, because there is probably something wrong with his health.

    9. Teach a cool trick

    For a dog, learning is not hard work, but spending time with your beloved guardian. Of course, only if it is not forced to do it, but encouraged by rewards: delicacies or a favorite toy. How to teach a pet obedience and effective tricks? Look for ideas HERE!

    10. Look into the mouth

    Quite often, the cause of malaise, especially in older dogs, is a dental problem. See if there is any stone on them and if the gums are red.

    11. Let me be with you

    The dog is a herd animal, therefore isolated from the guardian suffers. Do not send him constantly to the den, do not lock him in another room. Let him sleep under the desk, when you work or study, let him into the bedroom. Take it with you wherever you can, e.g. to friends.

    12. Find a friend

    Shortening the leash at the sight of any dog ​​is a bad idea. Ask the owner if your pet can say hello – and let him. And if your dog is aggressive, ask a behaviorist for help.

    Author: Dorota Jastrzębowska


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