How to go out for a walk with two dogs?

    How to go out for a walk with two dogs?

    Being a guardian of two quadrupeds is a double joy … but also a double challenge! And it’s not just about spending on karma or making time for training. Even a simple walk with two dogs can be a truly breakneck task. Especially if the four-legged ones are not the smallest and are not masters of obedience, and you cannot unleash any of them.

    A walk with two dogs. What could go wrong?

    Two dog leashes tied to you, each walking their way and not responding to your calls – a picture really hellish! If you add aggression to foreign dogs, eating rubbish on the lawn, or virtually any other problem with at least one of your dogs, you’ll get a real walking armageddon. A walk of constantly wrestling with two animals will be a torment not only for you. Also your pupils will become frustrated because of unmet needs, which will make them even more anxious and cause more and more problems … What can be done to make a walk with two dogs a pleasure for everyone?

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    Obedience first and foremost

    Walking with one dog, we are willing to forgive him a lot. Even if he pulls a little on a leash, freezes at the sight of another quadruped or a stranger’s jaws in a strange hat, it doesn’t worry us too much. However, such behavior of a pet suddenly causes a huge problem if we go out for a walk with two dogs at once! Therefore, when planning a second dog, we should help ourselves to teach the pet appropriate behavior on a leash. After taking in or buying a second pooch, do not take both animals immediately for walks. The new pooch should also receive individual lessons from us and learn to walk calmly on a leash.

    When starting a walk with a dog pack, it’s not worth going to the deep water right away. The first such trips should be as short as possible – at the beginning a quick circle around the block is enough. Thanks to this, the dogs will have the opportunity to gradually learn how to behave on common walks. It is also worth to stock up on training treats and reward your pets for good behavior.

    Take care of your relationship

    This is not just about the relationship between dogs and guardian, although this of course is also extremely important. Quadrupeds going out for a walk together must feel sympathy or at least tolerate each other. Two feuding pooches, forced to stay as close as they can, may try to get away from each other as far as possible … leaving you in the middle and pulling you in opposite directions. Therefore, before you go on a walk with them, build the best relationship between them or ask for help from another person who will replace you in leading one of the pupils.

    The right leashes

    Going out for a walk with two dogs, we will quickly find out how important is the type and length of the leash we hold. The two-pack dog will be much easier to control on shorter, three meter long leashes than on long, still tangled lines. Some guardians of two quadrupeds decide to buy a two-legged leash, i.e. two short leashes connected by a circle, to which one leash is held. This solution can work well with relatively calm, well-worn dogs of similar size. Otherwise, the binary will cause a lot of stress to attached quadrupeds and will cause that a smaller dog will be constantly pulled by a larger one. We do not recommend taking automatic leashes for a walk with two dogs. This equipment does not provide the carer with adequate control over one, let alone two pets!

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    Not always together!

    Even the most friendly and polite pets can be led out separately. Thanks to this, you not only have the opportunity to devote all your attention to one pooch and you can work through walking problems more effectively. Dogs living together and always going for walks very quickly get used to the presence of their „siblings”. This can cause a lot of stress if one of the dogs gets sick and will not be able to go out for longer walks, or when the animals will have to be separated for some other reason. That is why it is worth taking each dog separately for a long and interesting walk at least once a week!

    Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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