How to feed a small dog? Here are some important tips!

How to feed a small dog? Here are some important tips!

Small dogs have recently become more and more popular among animal keepers. The small size means that miniature dogs can easily be found even in a small studio in the middle of the city. These four-legged dogs are usually also suitable for people who do not have much knowledge about dogs or time for kilometer walks. They are also preferred by families with children.

Many carers of miniature dogs often emphasize that their four-legged children differ significantly from larger dogs – also due to nutritional needs. Such statements are also upheld by feed producers who create specialized formulas for pooches of small breeds. How much truth is there? How to feed a small dog, let him enjoy health and accompany us for many years?

What food should you choose for a small dog?

Despite their tiny size, miniature dogs are still close relatives of the wolf! For proper development and functioning, their organisms need the right dose of animal protein and fat – just like any other dog. Therefore, when choosing food for a small quadruped, we should pay attention mainly to its composition. Let’s look for high-quality products with a high meat content and the least amount of carbohydrates. Let us not be fooled by the myths about protein overload – a non-existent disease that would be caused by too much meat. A healthy pooch, even the smallest one, should not limit the amount of protein in the diet. Such changes in nutrition may only be used for sick dogs, at the explicit recommendation of a veterinarian!

How to feed a small dog
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Many manufacturers of dry fodders offer products for small breeds. They not only have smaller packaging and granules – their composition is also to reflect the special needs of dog miniatures. Such foods are often described on the label by the terms „small breed” or „for dogs of small breeds”. However, if we look closely at the list of ingredients, we can see that in most cases this composition does not differ from the composition of the other products of the company! While buying small packages of food is advisable for small dogs, following only the name of the product will not be a good move. Also when choosing the size of the granules, we should take into account the needs of our pet. Some tiny dogs can cope with larger crisps, but too small can choke on them!

Maltese, chihuahua, Pomeranian and every small dog can be fed not only with dry food. Miniature dogs do not eat too much – feeding them even the best wet food will not burden our wallet much. This way of eating has many advantages, starting with fewer preservatives and ending with exceptional palatability. Here, too, we do not have to limit ourselves to „for small dogs” – we should choose foods with a high meat content and the lowest possible carbohydrate content.

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Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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