How to diversify a walk with a dog? 3 interesting ideas!

    How to diversify a walk with a dog? 3 interesting ideas!

    Perhaps in the morning you rush to work and barely have time to go out with your dog. All that matters is that your pet takes care of its needs quickly. In the evening, however, you must not run out of dog time, even if you feel tired. Your dog has been waiting all day for this moment! She is waiting for you to come back and spend time together. Going out together has a positive effect on the relationship between humans and pets. In this article, we’ll show you how to spice up your walk with your dog.

    Do not succumb to the delusion of fatigue, because when you walk with your dog, you will really get away from the problems that may have happened to you at work and you will truly rest. Because it’s true that it’s best to rest with friends! And isn’t the dog just your beloved friend? „You are responsible for what you have tamed” – said the fox to the little prince …

    So, unless there are any medical contraindications, take your dog for at least one long walk a day, in addition to shorter toilet walks in neighborhood areas. Then take him to a different place than the piece of greenery he knows just below the block. Take it on an adventure together! Let him get to know new fragrances, activate his dog’s mind while playing with you or learning a new trick. Because why not? This strengthens a friendly, dog-human relationship, builds strong bonds. It’s your time! How to diversify it? Here are four interesting ideas.

    1. Grab the treats and run your doggy head!

    When your dog takes care of his first needs at the beginning of the walk and he smells the bushes easily, you can move his nose in a specific direction. Take a long walk in an area with trees or stumps. Arrange the flavors on a stump, make the dog sit down, and then let it search on command. You can also press treats into the bark of trees, but gently and low enough so that the dog does not damage anything. Let him run his nose and look for flavors on the bark around the tree.

    Before your dog starts searching, let it sit down and look at you first. This way you teach your dog to focus on you anytime, anywhere, even while playing! And when it comes to fun and attractions, your dog may be more concerned with getting the job done. After all, he already feels with his nose that a reward awaits him for concentration in the vicinity of this tree …

    2. Teach the tricks!

    How to diversify a walk with a dog? When you go out together, you can use various things and teach your dog some new tricks. The more you work well together, the deeper your relationship will grow. Do you see the street post? Teach the dog the command „pass.” Sometimes you can find a few small posts on the way, placed one after the other – then it is worth playing with the dog in „slalom”. There are many possibilities. Just with each learning of tricks, make sure the dog is focused on you and also be careful not to damage any public items.

    Be creative in the field, but always remember the safety rules! It is also worth recording commands that are already known to the dog. Start by focusing your dog’s attention on you each time – that’s really a big part of your success learning to obey in the field. Also, remember that before you get into more activity with your dog and more difficult tricks, you need to warm up his muscles by walking gently. You can’t move without warming up.

    3. Invite a doggy sometime!

    Our relationship with the dog is very important, but just as important, and even more important, for our four-legged friend is a good relationship with his kinsmen. Make sure you have good social contact! Occasionally arrange a walk with someone who has a dog that your pet likes very much. You can also practice together in the field. The reward will then be playing with a friend. Or you can just arrange to have fun with a larger group of dog friends.

    Remember that a dog that doesn’t have too much contact with other pets can get frustrated more easily at the sight of other dogs because they will miss it. Social contacts are one of the basic needs of every pet.

    How to diversify a walk with a dog?

    As you can see, to diversify a walk with your dog, you don’t need much, and there are even more of these ideas. A good walk is a structured walk. At the beginning, it’s time for the toilet, exploring the environment, sniffing the area, then learning tricks, having fun, then playing back and relaxing … Various attractions for a change. Another important hint is that the walk begins at home. If you teach your dog to wait calmly to go out, to focus his attention on you from the beginning, it will be easier outside. And remember that you are building a bond with each other every moment of the day!

    Author: Agnieszka Czylok


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