How to choose a breed to avoid problems with a purebred puppy?

How to choose a breed to avoid problems with a purebred puppy?

When choosing a purebred puppy instead of a mongrel from a shelter, we often have specific reasons for that. We are looking for a healthy, well-fed and stable-minded dog that will not be aggressive towards dogs and people. However, it often happens that a quadruped bought from a seemingly best breeding turns out to be a real nuisance! What do we need to pay attention to when looking for a kennel if we want to avoid problems with a thoroughbred puppy?

How to avoid problems with a purebred puppy?

Defending resources, persistent dirtying at home, aggression towards other dogs or even separation anxiety are problems that often develop in the dog’s psyche a few weeks after birth. That is, while the purebred pooch is in the care of the breeder. Deep-rooted bad habits, fears and traumas are extremely difficult to work through, and fighting them requires time, nerves and money spent on behaviorists … That’s not why we buy a purebred puppy for a few thousand to risk it! Fortunately, there are so many breeding dogs that finding the right one is not very difficult. Provided we know what to look for. What do we need to pay attention to in order to avoid problems with a purebred puppy?

problems with a thoroughbred puppy
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Breeder’s commitment

When choosing a farm, pay attention to the breeder’s behavior. Patiently answers all questions and asks them a lot, is he open and nice? Or rather, it disposes of you with casual answers, ridicules your approach and is not interested in who you are? A good breeder is primarily concerned with providing the best homes for dogs. Do not be surprised that he asks you about seemingly insignificant matters. His „nosy” is the best proof that he cares about pooches! The collected information will allow him to choose a puppy according to your needs and conditions. Don’t be offended if you hear a refusal – ask about other kennels he recommends. Don’t be afraid to ask questions yourself. A breeder who has nothing to hide will inform you about where the puppies live, what he feeds them and what parenting methods he uses. If anything begins to raise your doubts, remember – you are not obliged to do anything and you can give up a puppy at any time!

Red lamp – you must run away from this!

These statements from the breeder should seriously bother you!

  • Puppies are fed from a common bowl – Inability to finish a meal calmly and eating at races often results in problems with resource protection and greedy food. Each pooch should get food in a separate bowl without feeling that someone else will eat everything.
  • Any mention of dominance theory – brutal handling of puppies, knocking them over their backs, grabbing their hands by the mouth and lifting them by the neck cause permanent damage to their sensitive psyche. Treated in this way, puppies are often afraid of man, and when they grow up, they can become aggressive.
  • Puppies are sold at or before seven weeks of age – separating from mother and siblings too quickly results in serious socialization deficiencies manifested in fear or aggression towards other dogs. The dog should be taken no earlier than 8 weeks of age.
  • We’ll bring you a puppy home – you will hear this statement only from the lips of the pseudo breeder! The current law does not allow the trade of puppies outside the farm. So if someone offers you a lift to your pooc, explaining with good will and „to have you closer”, run away from him as far as possible. Most likely, he doesn’t want you to see the conditions in which his quadrupeds live.

Human society

Lack of intensive contact with people is a simple way for a puppy to become a real problem. Left alone, raised in an isolated building or pen pushed into a corner of the garden, they simply wild. Such puppies after buying completely do not pay attention to their guardians, they can not play with people and are only interested in other dogs. If we want to avoid such serious problems that last for years, we must first of all see the environment in which puppies grow up. A breeder who has nothing to hide will happily invite you to his doorstep, where you will see a neat, cheerful mother of pooches and frisky, curious babies. Ask the breeder to pet the bitch and make sure she is not aggressive towards you.

We should only buy puppies from parents who are positive about people! Dogs who have had the opportunity to observe their mother’s aggressive behavior learn quickly. The tendency to aggression can also be transmitted in the genes – explains Emilia Czechowicz, behaviorist from the Dog School ABC.

problems with a thoroughbred puppy
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Location of the farm

Do you live in the city and want your pooch not to be afraid of street noises? Choose a farm located in or near the city! Raised away from civilization, puppies need a lot of time to acclimatize to life in the city noise. Such a sudden and drastic change in the environment can cause many fears and even traumas, which will take time to work through. When buying a pooch from an „urban” kennel, we will have most of these problems! Dogs raised in the city usually feel good in suburban conditions. However, remembering that leaving your dog in the garden unattended is not a good idea regardless of where he was born.

When looking for a companion dog, we should start by finding a kennel as close to our home as possible. Thanks to this, we will save the scared, received from the breeder puppy trauma associated with too long travel. Dogs, whose first experience outside the kennel was a many hours of crossing the car, very often rebel the next time they get into the car. In extreme cases, such an intense, negative experience results in a strong trauma, which requires a lot of work to work through. Of course, looking for the perfect dog for further breeding or work, you may need to buy it even from a foreign breeding. However, if you do not plan a breeding or sports career with your pet, let’s look for something closer – emphasizes Emilia Czechowicz.

Couch or playpen?

Kennel does not have to be bad and synonymous with pseudo-breeding. It should be remembered, however, that puppies kept in this way do not learn home life, and after buying they will feel much better in the pen than on the couch and may be afraid of being locked in four walls.

If we are looking for a quadruped which is to accompany us in the house or apartment, we should choose a kennel in which the puppies have access to living quarters and often stay in them. Thanks to the ability to observe everyday, home life from a small age, they will be accustomed to the view of the vacuum cleaner or the sounds of the washing machine, and they will more easily understand that furniture and home appliances are not suitable for biting – advises the behaviorist.

You don’t want problems with a purebred puppy? Be careful!

Puppies from improper breeding are a real bane of guardians. Strong biting on the hands, anxiety, aggression and complete non-adaptation to life at the side of a human are the most common problems that behaviorists face in such puppies. Of course, there can be many more problems. However, they are all difficult to work through, because they were vaccinated to the pooch at a crucial moment in his development. Therefore, if we want to enjoy a nice, trouble-free companion, we should pay great attention to who we buy it from!

Author: Aleksandra Prochocka


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