How to be a good dog neighbor? We have 5 ways to do this!

    How to be a good dog neighbor? We have 5 ways to do this!

    Being a dog guardian is a big responsibility, which doesn’t only end with your pet, but also extends to the people who live around you. An owner who is unable to control his dog risks the anger of his neighbors, and in some cases may also face legal consequences. Here are some ways to help your pet be a good dog neighbor.

    1. Try to master barking

    Every child knows that a dog is barking. Sometimes, however, that it can be bothersome for both you and your neighbors – especially when your pet has a tendency to watch at night. Due to the fact that a dog can bark for many reasons, you should first identify the source of this noise. Remember to never shout at the dog for barking. An animal may think that … you are barking with it. In addition, you reinforce the belief that it is worth barking, because it receives the attention of the guardian – and never mind that it is negative.

    If the dog is barking at home, it’s best to ignore the pet completely. It will require patron perseverance, tenacity and patience. When the dog, in turn, is barking at a passing neighbor, his attention should be diverted to a delicacy or toy before he begins to fuss. Otherwise we will reward you with barking. It is also worth teaching the dog the „quiet” command and rewarding any behavior we desire.

    2. Clean up after your dog

    There really is nothing nice in a green lawn or sidewalk that looks like a minefield. There is also nothing positive about the fact that your dog will deal with the neighbor’s fence. What’s more, it’s the easiest way for you both to be on the „black list” of the residents of the estate. Every dog ​​guardian should take responsibility for his pet’s poop and clean it up. In addition, faeces carry germs and have a harmful effect on the environment, so there is no reason not to. If you still do not know how to clean up after a dog, then we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our ways of collecting dog poop.

    3. Train with your dog

    A well-bred dog will help you maintain better relationships with your neighbors. You certainly don’t want your pet to snarl, bark or jump at a passing neighbor. Teaching your four-legged friend basic commands will let you control his behavior in various situations. It is worth implementing such commands as „sit down”, „leave”, „come”, „to me”, „stand” or „quietly”. Remember that in the learning process, the intonation of each command issued is important. Do not say too many words, be consistent and, above all, avoid the mistakes we wrote about HERE. If in doubt, go to a positive dog school for training.

    4. Take care of your space

    How to be a good dog neighbor? If you live in a detached house, think about a suitable yard fence. Don’t let your dog roam around – no matter how gentle your dog is every day. You won’t gain the sympathy of your neighbors if your pet sneaks into their gardens, e.g. to dig a lawn or settle there. Make sure your fence is solid and secure – that there are no sharp edges sticking out of it, and that it is of the right height. The point is that the dog cannot jump over it.

    5. Don’t forget about the leash

    Every dog ​​should have instances of walking on a leash. Remember that a leash is an obligatory element of your walk – especially when you are going for a stroll around the estate, forest or public places. That is why it is worth teaching a dog to walk on a leash. What’s more, thanks to this we can easily control your pet when a neighbor with your dog appears nearby.

    Letting the dog loose around the estate is unlikely to inspire neighbors, and certainly not when there is a playground full of children nearby. Perhaps among the residents of the housing estate someone has bad memories and is afraid of dogs, this must be borne in mind.

    How to be a good dog neighbor …

    Also, make sure your dog has enough activity – you have fun together and walk long every day. A happy dog ​​is one who is tired both mentally and physically. There is then a high probability that the dog will not spend accumulated energy on disturbing neighbors.

    Author: Magdalena Olesińska


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