How many times a day should we feed the dog? Check what it depends on!

How many times a day should we feed the dog? Check what it depends on!

For us people, some nutritionists recommend eating up to 5 meals a day. In the case of dogs, one may find that one meal a day is enough. How many times a day do you feed your dog to meet his nutritional needs?

How many times a day do you feed your dog?

Caretakers of pets at home often wonder how many meals their pet should get during the day. Dogs’ organisms are different from ours – so you can’t translate them into human habits and rules. We must also remember that their needs are also an individual matter. The number of meals we should give pets during the day depends on several factors. These include, but are not limited to, age, activity level and health status of dogs.

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The youngest quadrupeds

The growing organisms of puppies have a huge demand for nutrients – after all, they grow extremely fast! Small dogs, however, do not have too large stomachs and are not able to eat at once as much as they need each day. Therefore, the daily portion of food should be divided into several, preferably equal, meals. Puppies under 12 weeks of age should be fed at least four times a day, in small portions. Between 3 and 6 months of age, quadrupeds can receive only three meals a day, and the six-month-old pet can already be fed as an adult dog.

Adult dogs

At the end of the growing period, home pets should be fed twice a day. The daily portion of food is best divided into two equal parts and served at fixed times. Thanks to this, we will avoid excessive stretching of the stomach and a situation in which the dog could feel unnecessary hunger. Dogs playing sports, such as agility, flyball or canicross, need much more energy and food than ordinary sandwiches. Their daily portion of food can be spread over more meals. In contrast, animals suffering from various ailments associated with the digestive system or chronic diseases should be fed as recommended by a veterinarian.


Carers of older but still healthy pets should give their pupils at least two meals a day. Studies have shown that serving seniors more than one meal a day increases their activity, reduces the negative effects of aging and has a positive effect on their health. For sick dogs, the diet should be consulted with a veterinarian and a dog dietitian.

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When to feed the dogs?

Regardless of the age or size of your pets, their meals should be served at regular times of the day. Establishing such a scheme will regulate the work of the stomach and the secretion of digestive juices at meal time, which supports digestive processes. Watching the nutritional schedule of the day will also help avoid stomach ulcers, vomiting with bile content and many other gastrointestinal complaints. It is important to take into account not only our daily lifestyle, but also the quadruped’s activity when determining meal times. Dogs should not be fed immediately before and after efforts such as walking or training – this will allow us to reduce the risk of a life-threatening stomach twist.

What should dog meals be made of?

Each meal should be balanced in terms of nutritional value. It is definitely inadvisable to replace one meal of complete food with treats, leftovers from the dinner, or liver. Such supplements should never be given at the expense of balanced karma. If we want to provide a pet with a tasty and varied diet, we should decide to buy wet food in various flavors.

One of these diverse, high-quality feeds is the new line Dolina Noteci Cuisine. It is a perfect combination of juicy beef, duck or ham and chicken fillets with vegetables and fruit that will appeal to even the most demanding animals. These culinary specialties are a source of wholesome protein and valuable n-3 and n-6 ​​fatty acids. Raw materials intended for human consumption, referred to as „human grade”, were used for their production. The addition of vegetables and fruits rich in biologically active substances, important for the proper functioning of the dog’s body, will improve intestinal peristalsis.

Another way to provide dogs with a balanced and varied diet is to alternatively use granules and meals consisting of complete wet food. For this purpose, Luger’s products will be perfect. Semi-moist Luger’s dog food thanks to its innovative grain-free formula it is a real paradise for the dog’s palate. The best complement to her is wet food from the same line, which includes deer, duck, turkey or lamb with the addition of beef and valuable vegetables and fruits. Serving alternately semi-moist and wet food with different flavors will make the dog’s meals varied and provide the quadruped with all valuable ingredients for his body.

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